debit card faraud prevention tips

Tips to prevent debit and Credit card frauds

3 easy steps to secure your debit card from founders 2 step authentication: 2 step authentication is a system to verify your identity twice while doing...

Top 3 best Online File Converters

We often come across times when we have to convert a video or image into some other format, but especially when we are in...

The Tech Abbreviations a Pro GEEK never forget !

IT abbreviations are something which makes you a PRO TECHNOLOGY USE . Here are the most common terms which we use but probably don't know...
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How to use two whatsapp on unrooted phone ?

  The idea of using dual WhatsApp on Your phone is simple in 4 steps. Download the 2nd Whatsapp APK "GbWhatsapp" Start developer mode. (How...

The Ultimate Planning App | Pagico 8

Pagico is a task planning app that  helps in scheduling our tasks easily thereby staying organised by storing all the user projects in its...

5 best android apps which makes you power android user

These 5 Apps will make you POWER ANDROID USER . Network scanner :  Have you heard the term “WiFi hacking” . yes, so this is...

JPEG to 3D Microsoft is working for a new design!

  The latest news about Microsoft is that the brand  is that Microsoft the tech giant in the computer industry  has joined the 3D formats working...
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How to download paid apps for free Blackmart alpha for Android apk?

How to download paid apps for free ? Well, how to download android apps for free. It is a popular question among android users. And...
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Why My Computer Is Running Slow?

Have you ever wondered why a system become slow after few months, Well that the whole article is about? When we purchase a new computer...
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Top 5 Football Games for iPhone (IOS).

No one needs the introduction about the football. It is the topmost sport played all over the world. Here we brought some of the best...
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Uber Free Ride Hack | How to get unlimited free ride with UBER ?

Let's know how it's possible to get uber free ride (S) !   It have been few years when OLA and UBER came in the transportation...

Facts about India Foreigner don’t Believe Until They Come India and See

Cricket is religion and Sachin its God  Posters, magazines, craze, crowd, people discussing, ads, children in the streets and mentionable Baba jee(Saints) - everywhere!               India is...