[Latest] How to increase Jio speed up to 34.50Mbps ? See Now!

how to increase jio speed

How to increase Jio Internet speed?

Stick to the article, we have mentioned so many methods to increase jio speed.

Please has been asking similar questions like

  1. How to increase jio sim speed?
  2. How to increase jio SIM speed in village?
  3. reliance jio speed problem, How to get it back in speed?

It has been a year and half when Reliance Jio came in the market and become popular among all the internet users.

The jio launched their jio free plan, people got the internet speed up to 50 MBPS.

and so many people in India took reliance jio sim by generating Jio sim barcode.

However later things changed as there was a big fraud going in the market for jio sim and they finally made it on spot activation without a barcode.

About reliance 4G

Jio is a telecom company found in the year 2015 by Mukesh Ambani. Jio has just entered actively in the market in 2016 and has started vanishing rates and brand value of Airtel, Idea and other competitors.

As of now, companies like Aircel has come to a closing point due to high debt and indirectly mentioned reliance jio for the same reason.

Jio has made its popularity on the peak among all the Indian Internet users. As the attractive part of Jio sim was THE HIGH-SPEED UNLIMITED 4G, everyone became the fan of it and bought the devices and sims to get UNLIMITED HIGH-SPEED 4G.

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What geeks told about the Realiance jio speed?

Some of my friends claimed that The got 43.3 Mbps where

I personally experienced 27.3 Mbps in my device.

Geeky Ranjeet

Coming to the point there are few tricks to be followed if you are a new Jio user and hunting for High-speed Internet on Jio Sim.

How i got this result on my jio phone?

how to increase jio speed

There are three bands majorly used in India and all of the is supported by Jio.This screenshot was taken in a metropolitan city where internet user count is more 2000% of internet users in the village.

Jio Network Bands

Jio has got 3 powerful banks unique ID which is publicly available.

  1. Band 40 – 2300Mhz
  2. Band 3 – 1800Mhz
  3. Band 5 – 850Mhz

Jio supports all the bands listed above and has different speed.

  1. 50 Mbps Band 40        –     2300Mhz
  2. 18-20 Mbps in Band 3  –    1800Mhz
  3. 8-10 Mbps in band 5    —   850Mhz


If you are moving with the device, it will more likely to get on Band 5 – 850Mhz which is slowest among all.

We can say that, If you are getting slow Speed on Jio, Then you are on Band 5 – 850Mhz. The solution to get Higher speed will be to disable the Band 5 – 850Mhz and connect [Force your Smartphone] to other two bands.

Reliance Jio Speed Problem

No internet in village, no Jio network in village. This network issue has create so many question like

How to increase my wifi Speed?


There are 2 methods by which you will be able to increase your JIO internet speed.

  1. Disable Band 5 – 850 Mhz (For MTK variant phone)
  2. Using Snap VPN
  • Disable Band 5 – 850 Mhz (For MTK variant phone)

Before starting anything, you should know, The device which you are using is of MTK variant or not.  Download MTK Engineering Mode.

  1. Now open and Select MTK Setting.
  2. Then Select Band Mode.
  3. Now select Sim Slot where you inserted Jio Sim.
  4. After that Scroll down to LTE mode.
  5. Uncheck all the other Bands Except Band 40. [Take screenshot of all the settings, In case you miss it]
  6.  Press Set Done
  7. Enjoy High-Speed Internet.

Note : MTK app is an app used by android development. if you don’t know much of it leave it or proceed st your own risk.

How to increase Jio speed without recharge?

Using Snap VPN.

VPN is a commodity which helps you to increase the download and upload speed by clearing the traffic. It creates avirtuall tunnel between you and the website you are accessing, doing this clears all the interruption and makes the data transferable/

  1.  Download The Free VPN app from the link given below

[sociallocker id=1056]

Hola VPN


  1.  Open and Connect with all servers one by one.
  2. Do few test by downloading any file Eg: movie, songs, video to check the speed or do Okla speed test.
  3. Select the server which gives you high speed
  4. Done!! now you can get Download speed up to 43 Mbps.

Now, how much speed can be increased using VPN without any recharge?

I won’t say it will become 50 Mbps, but it will be better than what you had earlier. You should also change the country of VPN and then test if it is performing better.

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