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5 ways to secure your own wifi

This article is not for you if you are not interested in being secure and joyful in this digital era. You must have observed that New Technologies have been developed; New devices are being launched, but New hacking methods are also increasing.

Well, we made this article for the people who wanted to be secure in the 20th century. Here are the 5things which will make you secure while using Internet and WiFI.

How to Secure Your Wi-Fi

Relax!……. It is very easy to setup your wireless network that prevents from stealing your internet hackers.

1.Secure Your Wireless Network

5 ways to secure your wifi

As you know that how network devices are frequently used in this era. Most of the people get connected to the internet using mobile phones, tablets, computer and other wireless devices. And thanks to Wi-Fi, It made so easy to connect the internet. What happened when someone steals your bandwidth, and your monthly internet bill will increase when you have used by per byte data plan.


Don’t worry! Here we are going to discuss more important things, which helps you to secure your personal data from hackers, which may be sit in the car that park outside of you is building or neighboring building.

2.Change Router’s Admin password

5 ways to secure your wifi

Every router has a generic username and password. You have to change first when you are setup your Wi-Fi network. If you are not changing them, it makes easy for hackers to get your access to your router and change its setting. So, don’t forget to change username and password. Hurrah ! you setup the first step for securing your Wi-Fi network.

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3. Enable Network Encryption

5 ways to secure your wifi

There are many encryption methods available for wireless settings. Some of them are WPA, WPA-Personal, WPA2. WPA2 is more secure, but it is compatible with the latest hardware that manufactured after 2006.

You can choose your encryption method to open security settings on the configuration page. You should also set a password to access network. You have to create a difficult password, which would be more difficult to guess. It may be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

4. Change SSID Name

5 ways to secure your wifi

Changing the SSID is a good idea that gets confuse to others about to know your network, which you are using.  Don’t use your name, address or other personal information. There are some Wi-Fi scanning tools which allow anyone to find a wireless network in an area even the routers not to broadcast their SSID name.

4. MAC Address Filtering

5 ways to secure your wifi

Every device connects to the network has MAC (Media access control) address that serves unique ID. You can manually type your MAC address of all devices, which you want to allow the network. By doing this, one address will prompt your one device.

You can also see the list of devices connected to your router. To do this, you have to go in “Access Control” section of your router.

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5. Reduce Transmission Power

If you are living in a small area, why should you provide high range of your router? So, you should have to do first, set the wireless signal range, the. Therefore, the signal doesn’t reach outside of your home that will keep outsiders at bay.

There are some hardware and paint available in the market which blocks your signal to passing outside.Keep all the points in mind, when you setup your network. Make the hackers away from your network, because a simple silly mistake has the capability to put you in prison. 

Also because “Prevention is better than cure.” Be secure

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