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How to Protect Your Dating Site from Scammers?

For someone, own dating site is entertainment and a good way to kill some time. But someone uses it as a source of income that needs protection from scammers. Scammers hack sites for many reasons. For example, getting access to someone else’s resource, they can change the contact information on their own.

Thus, there is such thing as a theft of potential customers. It is also possible to add a link to another site that is hidden for you in order to increase its link mass. And there are cases when hacking is ordered by competitors in order to insert a malicious code that will “infect” computers of visitors. Let’s look at how to protect your dating site from such people. But first, would you want to know the signs a girl likes you over text?

Don’t use different computers.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, don’t enter the administration panel of the site from the computers of your friends, in the Internet cafe, at the University, etc. If it still happened for some reason, don’t save the password using the browser function and always press the “Exit” button when completing the work.

Check uploaded photos.

 If you give users the opportunity to upload photos to the server, it may be very dangerous for you, even if they just change the avatar. The fact is that a file may contain a script that can be executed on the server if you open it through a browser. So, if you have such a form, then you should be very suspicious of uploaded files.

Use a special control panel.

When working with a resource, use only a special control panel. Disable the ability to edit data directly through the site.

Use complex passwords.

Everyone knows that we need to use complex passwords which contain both letters and numbers. This is critical not only for passwords in the admin area but also for user profiles. To enter the administration panel, use an individual complex password. Many users don’t like long, complex passwords; however, it is just necessary for the password to be at least 8 characters long, including capital and small letters and numbers. Change it periodically and never store it on your computer software.

Check your site for viruses.

Also, to protect the site from viruses, periodically check your computer with an antivirus, which should be regularly updated. Don’t open unverified sites and links that come to your email and through messages on social networks. Regularly update your CMS version. For greater security of your resource, the content management system should have the latest and safest upgrades.

Back up processes.

Do it as often as possible. You can use at any time to restore the entire resource in case of a hack. It is also convenient if you are just starting to work in this area, and you yourself can make a mistake, the result of which will be the removal of important information.

Check it sometimes.

If you think that you have done everything possible to ensure the security of your site, then it’s time to check it. The best way to do this is to test using some security testing tools. You can use different free products that will help you with this. These programs will try to hack your site using different methods.

Use SSL.

This is another indispensable assistant when protecting your dating site. Thanks to the technology, a secure connection is established between the server and the user’s browser. Information is transmitted in encrypted form through HTTPS.

It becomes much more difficult to hack a site because only a special key can decipher the encoding, which brings many difficulties to scammers and complicates the task.

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