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Motorola Launches 6 Moto Hub

Indian smartphone market is hue, when it comes to marketing there is a lot of strategy which has been played.

Vivo and oppo has taken most of the places on the planet for advertisement. where redmi sells more phones on Amazon flash sales.

Now comes moto, now doubt moto is a quite reputable brand and it has produced great mobile phones with good hardware.

Moto took a step further and made the whole concept easy and well accessible by launching 6 moto hub in Mumbai and NCR(national capital Region).

six moto hub launched

There Moto hubs are launched to create trust in the market and sell more products. As of now moto has launched only 6 motor hub which is only available in north India and central west India(Mumbai)

Moto Hub Location:

The very first Moto Hub store

  1. Viviana Mall in Mumbai.
  2. Great India Place in Noida
  3. Korum Mall NCR
  4. Xperia Mall NCR
  5. LogixBSE Mall NCR
  6. Shipra Mall in Indirapuram

The bad News:

As of now, there are no motor hubs in popular and tech cities like Hyderabad or Banglore. Which is a bad and disappointing for Motorola users in the south and east India.

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