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Apple takes down apps used for hiding identity

Apple has started removing the apps from it’s app store from app stores. If you remember the last gunman’s iPhone unlock controversy which was occurred in Feb 2016 created a big thrush among customers. This

This controversy made shady people and well as celebrities confident to use iPhone where they can be free with the headache of data leak.

However, there is one thing which has started stopping this censorship or the game to play hide and seek with the technology called VPN. If you aren’t familiar with what is VPN then this case will explain to you what is it.

How many times you have tried to run a website which is banned in your country. There can be many reasons for website banning is specific geographical location. But to access those websites or services in banned places there is something called VPN.

VPN stands for the virtual network. It allows to connect to geo banned websites and services to use with a different system outside of the banned Geo reason. It transfers the data to the requesting phone by the help of 3rd apps. He is an image which will represent the connection in a better way


There are many free VPN services which are available but the paid VPN services are trustable as they use better security to hide the identity on the internet which is very important.

Now as you understood VPN, there is 1 strong reason why people use VPN is to hide their identity.

1. To Hide identity using VPN

That means a normal user can live in the country with getting anyone know in the country that he is inside. He can also use the internet without letting anyone know that he is using specific VPN services or browsing internet.

Apple is not okay with the apps which are allowing people to hide their identity. This nature of apple is expressed because if geographical laws. China is not okay with allowing people to use VON inside the country on apple devices.

Apple took down a very popular VPN app called Express VPN from the China app store.

Email screenshot sent by Apple to Express VPN.

src: ExpressVPN Blog

The Tweet


— STAR VPN (@STAR_VPN) JULY 29, 2017

This was another VPN company which was also a part of this takedown process for China app store. The scenario expresses that apple doesn’t want their users to hide their identity while browsing with apple devices.   

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