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Top 3 best Online File Converters

We often come across times when we have to convert a video or image into some other format, but especially when we are in a hurry, we can’t find a legit online converter that works for free.

In simpler words, it can be a real hassle to find a good online converter because mostly links that we see on our screens upon searching Google don’t work. Some links will take up hours to upload a single file and then there will be links that will demand a little fee in the end so that you can download your converted file. 

Now, if you want to keep yourself away from all this trouble and if you really want a permanent solution to your file conversion needs, then stick with us till the end. Today we are going to jot down some of the best tried and tested online file converters that work for free, and on top of it all, these converters will convert your files within seconds. 

Take notes of the names we are about to reveal to you if you want to bring all your online conversion problems to an end.

The best converter that we have for you is This one will do wonders to you and your online conversion needs because it’s extremely basic in use, it comes with a simple interface, and the plus is that you don’t have to install or download anything or your PC  to convert a single file. All you have to do is to

  • Head to 
  • Upload your file 
  • Choose the  format 
  • Click on “convert.” 
  • Your file is now ready on your screen. 


This one is our personal favorite, especially due to the fact that with it you can convert many files at once. Yes, you read that, right! If you have tens of files to be converted, opt for Convertio and save yourself some time because, in a minute or two, all those files will be converted, ready on your PC. 


With total 12000 format options, this is the best converter that will work for you in the best and easiest possible way. Just like the above-mentioned converters, this one is also liked by millions, and millions use it because of the format options with which it comes. In short, if you don’t want your video or image quality to change and if you really don’t have the kind of time to wait for hours for a single file to convert then opt for Zamzar and we can bet on it that you will love using this converter. 

These are the best online file converters that we have for you this year. So, now without waiting any further, try any of these converters and let us know what you think about it! 

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