The java program to print India map with quote and your NAME.

The program to print India map .   import java.io.*; public class india { static String yourname="Rana Jayant"; public static void main(String args) throws Exception { String obfs="TFy!QJu ROo TNn(ROo)SLq SLq ULo+UHs...
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10 Best android apps for your kid

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how to get whatsapp video call feature

whatsapp video calling apk download

WhatsApp video calling apk download Whatsapp has recently released the what app calling feature and you can access from here. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); You will...

15 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known Before My 20

1. Labor over the important parts of your project.  Avoid fussing over the details until you’ve got the main points and parts down. Most of...
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5 Basic Gadgets for home

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The Ultimate Planning App | Pagico 8

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How to port my mobile number to jio. [5 easy steps]

How to port my number to jio or reliance jio was the 1st question from the Iphone users and one sim card enabled device users. Well, so...
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10 Hidden Features in Chrome

10 hidden features in chrome may 2016 #1save web page as PDF This feature allows you to save the whole web page in a single PDF...
dual whatsapp

How to use Two whatsApp on a single device ? [ No root require]

Heyy techie, Howdy you may have seen your friends who use two WhatsApp on a single device .  Aah it's not a rocket science to use...

Five beautiful images for your laptop/desktop background .

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These 5 Apps will make you POWER ANDROID USER . Network scanner :  Have you heard the term “WiFi hacking” . yes, so this is...

6 Pro methods to Learn Programming for FREE!

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