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Know Who is using your wifi without ADMIN and PASSWORD 3 easy steps

  1. Why my wifi speed is so slow . Is there someone who is using and downloading movies ?

2. How many guys are using college wifi ? who are they ?

On which device they are using [ On laptop/PC or android or any other device ] ?

Here is the solution to find who are all who are using . By this technique you will be able to know

  1. Local IP address of the connected devices
  2. MAC address of the connected devices
  3. Sometimes device/Brand name of devices
  4. Open ports if the specific IP Address

Steps to know who is using your wifi

  1. INSTALL NETWORK SCANNER app from play store.
  2. OPEN the app and let the App scan your network
  3. Get the users data

Once the app is started, it starts scanning your current wifi network . Scanning takes time as per following

  • wifi strengts of your wifi network
  • Device connected in the network

Now the list of connected devices is with you . If it shows only your device connected on wifi then no one is connected . also read  â€œHow my wifi speed is slow if no one using my wifi ?”

Please follow your regional law/terms . This post is written for educational purpose only .


Help and teach your friends about this . 😀

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