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How Hackers Really Hack Your Passwords?

How easy is to hack someone’s device and get the information you need. You must have seen hacking movies like Hacker, Algorithm where the person tries to hack the passwords and he gets success.

Is it tough to hack a device or almost impossible?

Nothing is impossible, ever device has some kind of flaw in its process. One of The strong proof can be the Microsoft Update on Windows XP.

The only reason Microsoft stopped giving new update was the moment they end up fixing a bug successful a new bug was popping up. The code architecture of Windows XP wasn’t designed to be hack-proof. Hence ended up giving stopping the support.


How hackers hack the device and pass the security systems?

As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing called 100% perfect Hack Proof system. The Coders and the hackers try ever point and almost every weak point in a system to get in. When they find it, they just get the access over they system and data stored in it.

The easiest method which doesn’t include hi technology knowledge and doesn’t require and complex mathematical calculation is social engineering.

What is social engineering and how hackers use it for hacking?

Social engineering is a process of getting useful information for hacking.


  • Your security questions of apple id.
  • Knowing date of birth(Can be used to verify facebook)
  • Knowing the pet name of your dog (Usually used as a password)
  • Girl Friend name
  • Best Friends Name
  • Favourite Color
  • FIrst Scool studies

Almost all the security question answers which are asked by the sites like Google to verify their accout.

These are just simple information people don’t much care when they give it to someone. And hackers find it easy to do.These are also called secrity questions.

How can hackers hack your computer without a computer?

The only possible way a hacker can know information which can be used to open your computer, mobile phone, and other electronic gadgets is Social Engineering.

In the book “The Art Of Human Hacking” they did so many real experts with unknown people and they succeed in most of the experiments. One of them which I read was, Knowing the credit card secret number. If you want to become an expert at social engineering or become hack-proof social engineering i will recommend you the read the book I discussed above.

Is hacking a crime?

The answer is YES and NO!
I am not kidding, It’s simple like this,

When a hack is done by a company or organization through a legal procedure then hacking is legal also called white hat hacking.

But if you are someone who wants to hack you neighbors facebook password without hot permission then this kind of hacking will be called “Illegal Hacking” or Black Hat Hacking.

Now you know understood what is taking types of hacking, which is black hat and white hat but,

What is Gray hat hacking, is this legal to do?

Gray hat hacking is done by gray hat hackers. Gray hat hackers are the people who do hacking for their personal benefits as well as the organizational legal requirements.

However, the hacking which is done without any legal permission is still unethical.

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