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The Android features you must know to save your phone.

As we all know that there is decks of functionality in android, and many of them are hidden (or) not well known. These are few recommended features which give a boost to make you a pro-Android User.

1. Ring your phone :

Basically it is more useful for the people who forget their phone, tabs in their home, bed or in the car , but cannot find out.The main feature has to be focused”Even if your phone is in silent mode, your phone will still ring and you can  “.click here to check.

2. Locate your Phone: 

The 2nd one is to locate your mobile anywhere on the globe. Go to this link and click on the locate icon(top right) of the pop-up. Now you will be able to locate your phone click here to check yours.


  • [1] The device should be connected to the internet.
  • [2].The device must have Location mode on.

3. Erase all data:

 This is quite interesting if you have lost your phone or worried about not to go in unethical person. Then you can use this feature. click here to check yours.

erase data using android device managerThis performs a factory reset on your device. Your apps, photos, music, and settings will be deleted. After you erase the device, Android Device Manager will no longer work. This reset is permanent. We may not be able to wipe the content of the SD card on your device.

Note: If your phone is offline Then the next time when your phone connects to the Internet the Factory reset is done.

4. Last Location Of the device:

Basically this also works on the internet and GPS. It shows the last location with respect to the place” where you devise internet and location was ON in the device” locate your phone. Every feature of this article is mentioned in this article can be accessed with the same window.


Help and teach your friends about this, i am sure they will have fun and you will become Mr techy.

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