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How to use VPN on android ? Virtual private network for android.

Hello techies, How are you? Hope you are fine, Let’s know what is VPN and in what scenario you can use VPN for FREE!

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual private network. VPN is used by many organizations and companies in order to make their connection private.A VPN can provide security in the network it hides the identity of the location and gives a false location.

How can I tell if VPN is using false location or true location?

Well, A good proof can be the advertisement shown to will be in different rather that your regional adds. You can also see the ip address of the system where the series will be different from other systems.

What VPN can do for me?

VPN  can be used to access the regionally restricted website. Yes, There are many cases when specific websites are blocked for particular region or country. Here the VPN will come i the picture to solve the accessibility.

At some place you are supposed to be Eg,

  1. When you want to access your local network out of coverage
  2. To maintain privacy of P2P connections ( Eg Torrent)
  3. To maintain security
  4. To Hide your personal identity
  5. Enhance your download speed
  6. You believe that Because privacy is a basic right

Which VPN to use for better security and is good?

Here is a small recommendation for free and paid VPNs. You can get started with free version and move to paid version.

Paid VPNs

You can give a try to VPN TunnelTunnelBear. They are good to start with. The free version

FREE VPN for Android and computer

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They are good to start with. The free version VPNs are not too good but if you really want to try you can try using hola VPN for chrome and android or VPN on Android.[/sociallocker]

How to setup VPN on android?

Setting up VPN in Android is not a tough process, you can just install the app and click on button “start” and it will be running.

NOTE: You must see the country law of application and the country law of the place you are accessing the system. This article is for educational purpose only.

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