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7 Free ebook readers for Mac

7 free ebook readers for Mac

We often deal with PDF, Epub, Mobi file types that are commonly used when reading e-books. While it has become a trend to read e-books on smartphones, tablets or e-readers, there will still sometimes when you need to read e-books on your Mac.
Maybe you just want to copy-paste a project, or maybe you just want to read a few chapters at your Mac. Whatever the reason, deciding which app to open your e-books on Mac is complicated things. The books you buy from a specific service (iBooks, Kindle, Nook) can only be open with their software.
I guess there are not a single application for reading all your e-book collection. So it’s good to know which app offering you what. I download and give a try many different e-reader apps and here are the 7 best options for reading e-books on your Mac that I found.

1. iBooks

 7 Free ebook readers for Mac

iBooks is Apple’s own e-book reading solution that e-book collection. It gives you access to find classics, best sellers, promising authors, and even audio books. Just download and enjoy. iBooks includes features for annotation, customization, parental control. iBooks also remember your last seen spot and can sync it with your other devices, so you can keep reading on an iPhone or iPad. Also, it supports ePub and PDF formats, so you can read more than just your iBook Store collection.


  • Categorize And Manage Your Larger iBooks Library With Ease
  • Slide On The Dotted Line To Riffle Your Way Through An iBook
  • Frugal Reader? Access Free Sample iBooks
  • Fix The Multiple Purchased Books Bug
  • 3. Kindle
  • Study Better – Highlight, Search, And Make Notes In The Text

2. Clearview

7 Free ebook readers for Mac

Clearview is the only e-book reader that can read all popular e-book formats. This is very handy for them who have books in several formats. It can open popular e-book formats such as PDF, EPUB, CHM, MOBI, FB2, CBR, and CBZ.
Clearview let you search, index, bookmark, highlight, and taking notes. Furthermore, you can find a book instantly by the name, author, title, publisher or content with their powerful searching abilities. Additionally, you can sync annotations, bookmarks, book collections and meta information with iCloud. So, you can easily access your notes, bookmarks and book collections from multiple devices.
Above all, their tabbed style window makes your reading smooth and efficient. However, it can’t open DRM protected e-books (such books that sold in iTunes or other bookstores).


Easy and intuitive books management.
Drag and drop from library or finder to construct book collections.
Capability to edit book meta info and change book cover.

Powerful searching capabilities.
Sorting search results by page or rank.
Popular book formats support, PDF, EPUB, CHM, MOBI(azw, azw3), FB2 and CBR(CBZ)
Thumbnails display of book pages.
Book page color themes (Normal, Sepia, Night time);
Text fonts adjustment (Size, line height and font family).
Printing support for all book formats;
Tabbed style window make reading smooth and efficient.
– Note/Comment, highlight, strike, underline – for EPUB, MOBI, CHM annotations;
– Customizable annotation colors and line width;
– Export PDF with annotations;
– Export notes as RTF file, pdf or print;
– Export/convert epub/mobi/chm book as a pdf book;
– Line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, highlight, strike, underline, free text, comments – for PDF annotations;
• Syncing annotations, bookmarks, book collections and meta informations with iCloud

4. BookReader

7 Free ebook readers for Mac

BookReader is a bit expensive but has enough features to defend the price tag. It supports popular e-books formats including ePub, Mobi, FB2, DOC, RTF, PRC, AZW, xHTML, Web archive and plain TXT files too. Moreover, it has features to printing and converting to PDF format.
BookReader tries to make the e-reading experience similar to a physical book by page flipping animation, two pages viewing mode, page flipping sound. Besides, it comes with a feature Leap Motion controller that will let you flip pages without touching the keyboard. And, BookReader also supports text-to-speech that gives you a better experience while reading.


Top eBook Reader on the Mac.
Supported formats: EPUB, MOBI, PRC, AZW, FB2, Microsoft DOC, RTF, RTFd, xHTML, Webarchive and TXT.
Features Highlights:
– Fullscreen mode
– Gestures: scrolling, zooming
– Customisable operational keys
– Page flipping animation
– Optimized for macOS Sierra
– Exportable Highlighting and Notes
– Exportable Books
– Text To Speech for vision impaired people
– Very small memory footprint
– BookShelf database with easy metadata management
– Natural two pages viewing mode – Automatic charset encoding
– Customisable fonts family, sizes, colors, inter row spacing, margins, columns gap, etc
– Customisable book background
– Page flipping sound
– Printing and converting to PDF format
– Leap Motion controller support
– Best Retina support
– Table Of Contents with crossover hypertext links
– Hypertext links and tooltips to Notes (FB2)
– Text search function
– Bookmarks


7 Free ebook readers for Mac

Calibre for Mac is a freeware e-book reader. However, it offers you more advanced features than just simply organizing and managing an e-book library. It can convert files between multiple formats so users can read books on different devices. Besides, Calibre can convert a news feeds to an e-book. Also, it has abilities to search out the e-books over many Internet sites. As well as, it has features, sync and integrates.


  1. If you are using OS X older than 10.8 (Mountain Lion), the last version of calibre that will work on your machine is 1.48, available here.
  2. The app cannot be run from within the dmg. You must drag it to a folder on your filesystem (The Desktop, Applications, wherever).
  3. In order for localization of the user interface in your language, select your language in the preferences (by pressing ⌘+P) and select your language.

6. Kitabu

7 Free ebook readers for Mac

Kitabu is a epub reader. You can start reading by just drag and drop your pub into Kitabu. Kitabu also a free app, but comes with some surprising features. You can customize pages in one, two or three panes. This is a simple yet effective e-book reader for your Mac.


– Apple Sandbox support.
– Drag and drop.
– Context popup menus.
– E-books library in two views.
– Table of contents.
– Book pane selection. Book can be displayed in one, two or three panes.
– Font and background selection.
– Plays audio & video.
– Fixed Layout.
– QuickLook plugin that previews ePub file metadata directly from the Finder.

7. Adobe Digital Editions

7 Free ebook readers for Mac
This is not the best e-book reader on this list. It doesn’t support columns, it doesn’t offer a lot of customization at all.

But still, you might need it, for one thing, several public libraries offer books protected by Adobe. So, you need this Digital Editions if you want to borrow books from the library. The software can also require while reading Google books or book purchase from other online bookstores. Furthermore, Adobe Digital Editions can read books in both EPUB and pdf format.

Hope this article “Free ebook for macs” help you. If you like we are here to share you a lot more content. Stay tuned with us on facebook .

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