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Does the Internet Really Increase your Productivity ? If Not see How you can make it…

Does the Internet Really Increase your Productivity ? may the right question should be “What are the best thing over the internet to make my life productive ?”

We are listing some of the best products over the internet which can be used in your day to day life to make it simple .

1. Print Friendly

This site makes any web page or website printer friendly.

  • Delete any image
  • Select no image
  • Download the whole modified document without payment or Sign Up

Visit Printer Friendly or Chrome Extention

2. Fliptext

Type a message or your status and Just Update it on the social account. Flip text converts the Normal text to inverted texts.


3. Date to Date Calculator

What if say thet we have been friends since 127 weeks . You might be like “Aaaa”, How do you remember that ??

So surprise people by Finding out how many days, weeks or months have passed between two dates from this site.

Calculate it Now


Account Killer

Delete any social media account, not just disable them. [ Try it on your own risk]


5. Online Alarm Clock

If you lose your phone and still need an alarm.

Try Now

6. World Frequency Counter

Find words counts that you overuse in your writing.

7. Two Foods

When you can’t decide what to eat, this will make the choice for you based on what is more healthy.



This site will tell you what time to go to sleep according to natural sleep cycles.


9. Practical Typography

Learn everything about typography using this site.

10. Adobe Kuler

Use this site to find complementary colors using the Adobe color wheel.

11. Online Etymology Dictionary

Gives you the definition and origin of any word.

12. What The F*ck Should I Make For Dinner

If you aren’t sure what to make for dinner, this site will help you.

Try :

13. ViddyJam

Like Pandora for music videos.


Camel camel camel

This is quite interesting for the marketers who all see the product on other sites and then they fix their price.Tells you the price history of any item on Amazon. So you can get your hands on it when it’s cheapest.

15. Fake Name Generator

This site will make a fake name, email, home address and social security number for you.

16. Scale of the Universe

Shows you the size of things in relation to others.

18. What the Font

This site and app detect the fonts on any pointed image.


19. The Rasterbator

Turns any image into a printable poster.


20. NameCheckr

Name chekr

Checks availability of the username you need all the famous websites and domain names .

Eg : SupposeI need tech10ment . It will check is available or not, Same think it does on many websites like Youtube,Istagram,Twitter, .com , .org domain . visit NameCheckr

21. HTTrack website Copier

HTTrack website copier

Saves any website or blog offline with images. It can be seen anywhere without the Internet .

Download HTTrackd

History eraser

Delete your history just one click. It also provide you multiple options which can be customized.


Google Drawings

Google drawing really awesome and have a very handy to use. Being a google product it allows your drawing to sync of your different devices.


Time Stats

This will give an overview of, How much time you spend on the different website.

Rana Jayant is a Tech Enthusiast, avid reader, and loves to talk business. TECH10MENT was his 1st professional tech magazine started in 2015. His professional blogging experience serves thousands of visitors every day on the food, travel, and other tech sites.


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