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5 amazing websites you don’t know

The Internet world is full of information. Almost everything is available and you can get almost any software and it’s alternative for free. But the one thing you should know is, Why you use that software.

Google will answer what you are searching for buy what if you want to know new thing about which you don’t know anything at all.

Well in this post I will be showing you the 5 awesome websites which will make you Digital life more productive.


Searching and checking the usernames online is a big deal when you are looking to start a  new business or a new website. You don’t know if your business name is already registered already.

Well, This website is pretty useful when you are into digital world or doing some kind of business or helping people to start their online business. This tool will help you to find usernames, domains your business without any conflict with any other business online. It reduces a lot of work and makes them easy.namecheckr


I will highly recommend you to bookmark this if you are a blogger of a social entrepreneur.


Have you ever experienced a situation when your system or a specific app stopped working when you updated it. Well yes, many time from my side. Well if you fall in this situation for the next time you can always check the old version of the application from this site.

This website has a huge collection of the old version of the application, visit and bookmark this right now because I feel you will need this in



An awesome and cool website, I fall in love when I saw this for the first time. This site allows you to create an animation with a triggered action to the search engine. Well don’t be confused, I will recommend you to visit the


It is an awesome way to represent your online presence and ask people to search you on google.


It would be quite amazing if you know which song was popular on the day you were born. Isn’t it, want to know which song was at #1. This website will help you to get that information.

playback birthday songCheck:


If you are a cat lover and love playing with cats and you don’t have one then you can visit this site a play with many cats without spending a penny. You can drag the cat when it lays down. This is a very entertaining website and I think you will love this too.catbounce dot com



Don’t laugh, I too laughed for the first time when i heard this name but i found this pretty useful. You can simply generate a new item randomly every time you click on the two options given on the


#7 is an Indian product suggestion blog. It suggests about the best product you can buy online at cheap cost. The best thing about this site is they a ave special algorithm which finds out the best product by applying many filters. This website is quite useful when you want the best product online when and also to save money online.

Rana Jayant is a Tech Enthusiast, avid reader, and loves to talk business. TECH10MENT was his 1st professional tech magazine started in 2015. His professional blogging experience serves thousands of visitors every day on the food, travel, and other tech sites.


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