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Jio FREE Mobile is ready to delivered.

Inshort: Jio confirms a phone with FREE 4wG and Voice Calling at Rs 1500 rupees. The good news is This money is also refundable after 36 months.

Jio has been in trending since JUNY 2016. The competitors has been try they ass of to bring Jio down. Every time they try something hard, jio has come up with a vital solution which has been a great benefit for the indian customers.

According to Quora and other Public Question platforms, it has been accepted by Airtel users that they were being overcharged for using internet.

Quora Screenshot

In early 2016 The 2G/3G plans were around 255 Rs per Gb. As a  student it wasn’t affordable to use internet independently.

One of the biggest gift and boost was given to the indian smartphone users. And they used it quite well till march 2017. Here the jio freemium subsciption ended and many customers did not upgrade for their jio premium subscription.

This time jio came with a plan which is going to disrupt the market once again. Yes it is the phone which is given for free(logically).

Jio has came up with new idea which is making indian users use internet for free, and free for lifetime.

Very soon Jio will be releasing a mobile phone which you can get by paying 1500 rupees and the best part of this news is that you will be able to refund that amount in next 3 years.No doubt jio  competitors will come up with some catchy offers which will be more costly at the end of the day.

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