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How to increase my wifi Speed ? | How to Speed my internet Speed ?

These are the tips which you can use to make your connection faster.

#Given Speed Vs plan you bought

Check if your Internet Service provider is not giving you proper Speed.

Check Now


VPN will give you a better experience of using Internet. It creates a seperate connection to the host by assigning a different IP address.


NOTE: Using VPN may allow you to open all the sites blocked in your country!

#Keep monitoring your Who is using

Is this only your devices who uses your connection who uses your wifi or others too.

  • You can use WHO IS ON MY WIFI to check other connections.

Download : Who is on my wifi 

Download link is give below.

[sociallocker]Android Windows/MAC  [/sociallocker]

#Ethernet instead of using WiFi

Possibly if you are at your laptop of desktop try using a lan connection .

Why to use LAN ?

Because there is almost no data loss while transmission.

#Empty your recycleBin

If you are a windows user, then you can simply do that by [Right click recycle bin icon=> and empty recycle Bin]

#Monitor even when you are not using

  • Sometimes the service provider cheats their customers by sharing the password to someone else. This was possible in Hyderabad,India .
  • A hacker can be A MAN IN MIDDLE  Who might use your internet connection .

#Use Secure network

Skip this if you have a password for your wifi. Set a strong password for your wifi and other internet sources. like Hotspot

 # Remove unnecessary extension

If you are a computer internet user you might be using some plugins or Extension to have few extra features in your browser. So, remove all the unnecessary Extensions or plugins.

#Clean your history

Clean your Browser History. When you have much history stored in your browser It slows down your speed and consumes more power. So to use you phone efficiently you should clean your history once a week.

Chrome : MAC Clean it Now, WINDOWS Clean it Now

Firefox : Go to menu find history and cache panel and delete all

#Use a good Browser

If you need performance then use chrome, But If you need performance with privacy use Firefox . For mobile device opt Chrome if no the go with UC Browser .

 #Clean your cache [Unnecessary website old data]

Clean it now

Chrome     MAC     WINDOWS => (Clean Browser Data )

Firefox        MAC     WINDOWS => Menu=>history=> Delete them

#Reduce the distance between computer and router

Do not maintain more distance between the device you are using and Your router. It is important to maintain good network strength .

#Clean your system cache

Using a desktop, Then clean all the cache data store in your system. In windows you can do it

by RUN => %temp% => Enter

Then select all and delete it permanently.


Use shortcut keys

Windows + R   Enter   [RUN]

CTRL + A                       [Select all]

Shift Delete   enter       [Permanently Delete]

#Restart your modem

Restart the modem by simply through the power source.

Read here [3 ways to restart your modem remotely]

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