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How to earn money using google adsense ?

Online money, Make money Online are no more a myth . If you belive you will achieve or ….. .

There are so many ways to make money online but the best way to make online is Google Adsense. I am telling it best becase I have experienced it personaly and all the methods and tacjticks mentioned below are already implemented by bloggers.

#Think out what you love

Computer Gaming : You are a very good player of any game Like Counter Strike or FIFA or any Popular game .

Racing : You know Car driving and have tips for people how to race.

Computer Gaming :  You are/were a great gamer in your class or gang and have tips for people who play the same game.

Computer tricks : you have learnt tips and tricks that make you different from other computer users, You can write about them.

Technology Updates: Again this is related to computer, You can compine you technology and computer tricks in a single blog.

#Start A Blog

You can start for free but the free takes a lot of time to come on google and also to make money. So my suggestion will be to own a WordPress blog as

Write articles : 

Don’t be tempted when I say “Writing articles“. It’s just the knowledge to be written on your webite, which you know already.

Share on social media :

Initially, when you write an article on your blog , No one knows what is and what it is all about. So the basic idea should be to share on social media . That will increase the value of your website  (also called ranking, DA,PA) .  Once people will know about your blog and they liked your content then they gonna become your permanent visitors, Which is equal to permanent money(No kidding).

TIP: Share your article in the similar type of group on which article is. Eg : You wrote an article then you should share it in Computer tips and Tricks group

  • Apply for Google Adsense

Now after writing 12 – 20 articles apply for the google Adsense program. Don’t trick google , They know almost everything. Including how many articles you have, No of articles shared on social media, No of people clicked and funnily how much time they spent on your site .

NOTE: It may take a week or two to get your AdSense approved . once your Adsense is fully approved. Don’t stop there ,  Continue writing articles and maintain them.

  • Make $$$ and get them in your bank Account

Add your Bank details to AdSense account and don’t forget to add your PAN no.

Your AdSense is approved, You have a good number of visitors, and You are making the good count of $s.  What else you need , Wait for the next month 21st, Adsense will transact money to your account.

Rana Jayant is a Tech Enthusiast, avid reader, and loves to talk business. TECH10MENT was his 1st professional tech magazine started in 2015. His professional blogging experience serves thousands of visitors every day on the food, travel, and other tech sites.


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