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The list of chrome plugins every Blogger should have

 Take a Break by Eye Care Plus

 Get relaxed, improve your productivity and easily take better care of your health.   Balance you’re between work and break time.


  1. Relaxation
  2.  Higher productivity
  3.  Reduced excess weight
  4.  More relaxed vision
  5.  Less strain at the end of the day

Download Take a Break for FREE

Forest: Stay Focused, be present

Time is gold and you will get the gold only if you focused. We are all given 24 hours in a day, and the difference lies on how you make use of every minute you have. The list of chrome plugins every Blogger should have

In most cases, it all boils down into the failure to manage time effectively. Fortunately, tool to be used is Stay focused, an innovative app that will allow you to manage time better.

 Features :

  • Reminds you every 25 minute
  • Customizable time
  • A plant grows when the time passes

Download Forest for FREE

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Toolkit For Facebook

The list of chrome plugins every Blogger should have

A tool which allows you to many many things just by a click.

  • Unlike all the pages
  • Delete all the comment
  • Remove all the facebook friends
  • Post on multiple pages
  • Accept all the friend requests
  • Message all your friends and more

Download Toolkit for Facebook for FREE

Google Drawings

The list of chrome plugins every Blogger should have

This plugin is developed and maintained by google, the good thing about this plugin It has  multiple features. All for Free!

  • Create your presentation
  • Drawings
  • Auto saved to drive
  • Of course, It’s FREE

Download Google Drawing for FREE

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Strict Workflow

If you are a guy who does not control yourself from using the internet then this is for you! This plugin blocks the site after 25 minutes of interval and enforces you to take a break.essential tool for bloggers


  1. Easy to use: just one click starts a work/break timer
  2. Easy to get started: pre-configured to block popular distracting websites
  3. Easy to personalize: block the sites that are most distracting to you or change the timer durations
  4. Blacklist or whitelist: either choose what sites to block during a work timer, or what sites to allow

FREE Download Strict Workflow

History Eraser

History Eraser allow you to delete all the plugin just by a click!

The list of chrome plugins every Blogger should have

FREE Download for FREE

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User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome

Browse with our predefined user-agents or add your own user-agents.
Are you the one who cares about User Interface, Feel and look to multiple devices and Browsers, Probably yes! Here is a tool for you on which you will be able to see the output of your code on multiple platforms and smartphones like Nexus 5, Internet Explorer, Tablets.

Download User-Agent for FREE


How many times do you search images for a feature image, Now you can do all just here? You can select the site on which you want to search and put your query.

Tip: Free images with this plugin and Canvas works like charm! You can make feature image like and of course

Best chrome extentions

Hola VPN

There are some sites which are blocked by Indian government or any other country. Now, You will be able to access those sites with the help of VPN.

Best chrome extensions fo bloggers

In my personal experience, i have never seen other FREE VPN service like hola which provides a good list of countries to connect with!

Type FREE : Download Now

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Best chrome Extension for bloggers

I know, How many mistakes I commit every day when I start writing a post or a letter. Do you face the same scenario and fear to write mistake? Use this plugin called Grammarly and be fearless.

Download Grammarly for FREE


Whenever I see a well-designed site, good user Interface site, I become curious to know, In which language/Framework this site is developed!

Wappalyzer gives you flexibility in which you can save your time to see the technology the site is using just by clicking on the button!

Best chrome plugin for bloggers

Download Wappalyzer for FREE

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Time Stats

The awesome Chrome plugins you should have in your system!

It has everything you do in the browser,

  • Daily statistics – Showing the statistics of websites visited by day
  • Busiest days – The days you spend the largest amount of time browsing the web.
  • Categories You can sort your websites into the categories, which you can name by yourself.
  • Time spent – Showing the total amount of time you spend browsing each day, Most visited domains – The complete list of the most visited domains from the most visited to the least visited
  • Example: you can add Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google+ to a category named Fun, and then you can see how much time you spend having fun on these websites. The timeStats is completely free and without any ads.
  • Time spent – Showing the total amount of time you spend browsing each day
  • Site statistics – Showing how much time you spend on, Monthly statistics, Visited sites – Taken from the complete statistics about your browsing.

Download Time stats for FREE

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