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How i recovered myself from Social Media Addiction?

Welcome back Awesome Tech10ment Readers, In this post we will be discussing How to take on the addiction of technology.

Using technology is not a bad thing, but using it without any purpose is wasting time. These are the site which especially designed in way that you don’t loose focus. A good example can be facebook infinite scroll.

My Take On Facebook Addiction

I am a nerd and i spend most of the time using the internet. When i say using the intert net, it includes learning free or paid courses on the enemy. Watching youtube or doing some programming or writing an article.

Days were good and everything was going well, i got a girl and i started chatting with fb and WhatsApp.

I was freaking crazy when I got addicted to her and was not able to work on my projects. I got someone who always kept messaging me, it was pretty amazing to talk her until i realized it has two months and I am not on the right path the projects i wanted to do isn’t going well.

DAMM! Someone has to change, someone has to take on projects. He must

I must have to change because don’t like working for someone else. Without wasing any time, the action took place and i blocked everyone in my contact whi kept messaging without any purpose. Which also includes questions like “Did you have dinner? When did you wake up?”

When I was using Facebook, it was good that you are connected to your friends, but seeing what they liked, on whose post the commented at the end Facebook starts some shitty videos in your news feed.

The video suggestion and post suggestion by Facebook pissed me off, But you know what, bloggers cannot live without Facebook. So I had to find a different solution which can remove the crap from my feed and show the details only relevant to me.

The auto video play video feature, which i turned off on the very next day Facebook launched it.

I won’t say Facebook is bad, but it is only useful only if you see only the relevant information.

The Question should be,

How I removed silly suggestions and recommended videos from Facebook?

Good question, and if you are curious to know how to remove them, then congratulations, you just took the first step to save your time.

I will tell you some awesome hacks which will save your valuable time and give you a detailed information about your day.

Facebook Purity

Facebook purity is a Google Chrome Extension for Computer and Laptops. This plugin will allow you to customize Facebook in the way you want to see it. This tool is an amazing too and i am grateful and i thank the developers of Facebook purity for creating such amazing tool which remove unnecessary crap from facebook and be more productive. The best thing about this tool is it’s free.

How I calculated my time being used on computer?

One day I had to download some document from my google drive, The got my MacBook and started Google chrome, The very first thing I typed in the address bar was Facebook. After half an hour I saw the time it was 7:55.

What how was it possible, I started at 6:00 PM and ended up spending freaking 2 hours and didn’t do my work till 07:55 PM realizing it was just half an hour. “Silly Social Media”.

What did I do in all this time?

  • I saw Facebook recommended videos
  • My friend was live from his Delhi trip
  • There was a lot going in Facebook groups so I had look on that
  • I replied many questions
  • Liked my friends status
  • and idk where I spent rest of time on social media. :/

But wait i spent some time doing work on my own blogs as well. But I don’t know how much time spent doing that.

You may suggest me watching my browsing history and adding it to find out how much did I spent. But wait, are you kidding me, I already wasted 2 hours and I have to spend another half an hour calculation how much time I spent on work.

Wait, what if I tell you this free tool called Rescue Time. This is available for desktop, laptops, and smartphones. This solves all the problem we discussed earlier. It calculated how much time you spent on which site, which application. I love this application because it tells me my overall time I spent on social media and work in a chart, list, and other data formats. Don’t worry, you don’t need the paid version of rescue time, the free version is good enough.

How to block facebook and other social websites completely?

Blocking Facebook and other websites is quite easy and you can do it in 2 clicks.

  • Install Focus (Chrome Extention)
  • Block The Facebook from List [/sociallocker]

That’s all i have for you guys, thank you for reading. If you liked the was i save myself from social media, implement them in your life to make it more productive.

Rana Jayant is a Tech Enthusiast, avid reader, and loves to talk business. TECH10MENT was his 1st professional tech magazine started in 2015. His professional blogging experience serves thousands of visitors every day on the food, travel, and other tech sites.


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