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Google is finally up with Android N with top features.

If you are an Android user, if you love using android smartphones and tablets,  but you struggle with issues like Battery Backup, Multi-Window, and clumsy settings then there is something interesting for you to cheer up with the new Android version “ANDROID NAUGAT”. Yes, you are correct we are talking about Android N.

Features And Specifications (confirmed)

As we already discussed ANDROID NAUGAT is the latest version of Android as it has been confirmed by Google, and initially named android N.  There was a probe of Android N will be defined as “NUTELLA” but Android N came up with a new Name called NAUGAT.

Nougat includes lots of impressive features to make android users more comfortable and easy to use on various devices.

This version of android includes features such as

  • instant apps
  • multi-window,
  • Reply in notification
  • Doze on the go
  • Night mode
  • Quick settings with more information
  • Setting menu enhancement

Now time to see on all 7 features and what does they do ?

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1. Instant Apps

This feature allows you to use the apps without any download and also saves ypu from wasting your time in it. This FEATURE is extremely useful for digital payment transactions, where you can make a payment using Android Pay.

2. Multi-windows

Multi-window feature is one of the best and most interesting features in Android N as it will allow you to use two apps simultaneously (or) side by side in the same window (or) one above the other in the split.  Multi Window mode will propose a new experience to the users as it’s a new concept introduced in the Android Generation.

In real time: Suppose, you are emailing someone and you are doing a serious WhatsApp conversation with someone. Then, In that case, you can split the Apps into two windows [left or right] and do the conversation and Mail simultaneously. This feature works well with large-screen devices but may not give its best in small screens.

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Easy Notification management

Brought over from Android Wear watches, Google now lets you reply to text messages from the notification shade. When you get a new message, a little alert will pop up at the top of the screen and you can type your reply right there and go back to what you were doing. iOS has had a similar feature for a while, so it’s great to see it come to Android.

Bundles of notifications

Geek A : Is your notification menu a mess of alerts?

Geek B:  ooh Yes, that su*ks.

haha heyy B,  This feature might help you. Developers have made to group notifications from their app. Now You will see a bundle of notifications from each app and it’s easy to see them by clicking on apps. As, iOS has something like this for their notification menu. So, welcome Mr iOS feature to Android World. 😀

Doze on the Go [Battery saving Feature]

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)  was the first Android version to get “Doze on The Go“.  It’s a battery-saving setting that halts background Apps and processes and kicks in when your phone is not in use and sitting still.

As Google has promised to solve the battery problem faced by all Android users. It did in Android N by increasing standby time and shutting down the background apps.  

In Android M, when the device goes unused and motionless, It automatically slides to sleep mode whereas in Android N Doze Mode is enhanced. It shutdowns all background running apps that result from battery savings and enhanced battery life.

Night Mode

Similar to Apple’s Night shift feature, Night Mode aims to reduce eye strain from viewing a bright display at night. This setting tints the screen yellow, which keeps you less revved up in later hours than the usual blue tint. You can also adjust the brightness and tint of the sepia hue. Hence it makes your device more friendly.

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