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I hate programming What should I do?

A big fear among students is programming is tough they cannot understand it, but it’s not exactly the case you try to take on it.

Wait, I am not saying this because I know programming because I hated programming just like you when I was in my first year of engineering. You are not only the one who hates programming but more than 95% from wait make it 99%+ students who hate programming including me.

Hi my name is Rana Jayant and I am a web developer.

I wasn’t so happy with my faculty, I wasn’t feeling like I was a computer science student at all. I wasn’t knowing how to write simple programs.

It wasn’t just me but the whole class who wasn’t knowing except the guys who butty(remembers) every line of code.

But remembering code isn’t something which a real programmer should do. A real programmer should be capable enough to understand every line of code and can write programs without touching books.

But, Did that happen when you were in college?

No, I wasn’t even knowing how to write my own program. I even copied while writing my exam.

So, How do I call myself programmer?

Yes, i will answer this question, keep reading.

Not able to program, It wasn’t just me but the whole class. Was there any problem in the we were taught programming?

Was the syllabus was so vast that we didn’t understand anything?

Or We didn’t understand because we were new to programming classes?

None of them is true but the true things was “The faculty wasn’t capable to teach How to program”.

His aim to teach programming was to finish the subject in time that management does not take action against his and take him from the job he got after not getting a job in IT industry.

You may ask, Why i am being so rude towards the faculty!

Actually, i am not! This is the reality of almost all the faculty except few. Most of them have either completed their B.Tech, M.Tech or have a graduation. They aren’t a programmer at all.

So if they don’t know how to program, If they don’t know how to write a program without holding a book in their hand, if they don’t know what is the error in the program, Then how can you expect programming knowledge from them.

i won’t call them They know nothing, They know something which isn’t enough for a professional computer science student.

It would be Wrong

if you call yourself you hate programming, then you are wrong. Find a faculty who is good(possibly outside of college).

Go to some institute, Talk to some senior who already have knowledge on programming (I am sure you will find one from every batch).

Whom did I approach to learn programming?

Til now you don’t know me and what I do, where do I live.

So, I live in Hyderabad, (India). A great place to learn almost any kind of software development skills at cheapest cost in the world. yes, in the world.

til first year I was noob programmer, I was just knowing how to use print, write a function and some loops. That’s all.

The second year was about to start and this time it was JAVA. My senior mentioned that 94% of my seniors were failed in this subject.

The fear creeps in, I told myself I don’t know c how can I learn java!  My senior mentioned that 94% of my seniors were failed in this subject.

My senior mentioned that 94% of my seniors were failed in this subject. Another layer of fear.

SO, what I did do to overcome the fear and take on the fear and become the legend of programming. I went

I went the USA!

What USA? You mean The United States of America!

Hell, Nooo. I went to “United Stated if Ameerpet“.

Where is this, is this a place in America or a neighboring country of America.

No bro or gaal, This is a small place in Hyderabad, as I discussed earlier, this was the exact place where I learned to program JAVA.[See Images]

Well the place is not so fascinating and among 5 star hotels but i bet, it’s a best place to start with programming for begineers who don’t have enough money.

The very first solid class I joined. This class made to take on java and write 40 to 50 lines of code without giving a glance at the book. Not at the first day, but after a month I joined the class and attended it regularly at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

The Institute I joined was Naresh IT. A great and popular Institute to teach java. I wasn’t knowing which is the best institute to join but I joined. I started going, This was a Fastrack batch which goes for 30 to 45 days to teach JSE(Java Standard Edition also called Core JAVA).

This class was so fast that I wasn’t able to manage my college and programming practice simultaneously because my college was too far and took 1:30 Hrs to reach there.

So, I changed the faculty and selected a slower one.

For the sake of your knowledge, let me tell you that there are two kinds of teaching methodology followed in Hyderabad.

  1. Normal: Track(will take a little longer and goes with all the basics)
  2. Fastrack: (Will be fast, usually who does revision)

I had changed from FastTrack to normal track. This was the something made me stronger and broke all the myths i had, which were

To learn java you should know C | It Was Wrong

JAVA is tough to understand | Damm, It’s not tough if you get a good faculty, choose carefully, it will take you to the peak or it will tear you down and you will be nowhere to remotivate yourselfchoose a faculty carefully, it will take you to the peak or it will tear you down and you will be nowhere to remotivate yourself

The only thing which I followed was,

Going class regularly and serious practice for 15 minutes, yes I said fifteen minutes and it changed the way I looked at programming.

I learn java and also learned was able to write small programs by my own. Later new topics came, i learn them.

The one way you can implement this idea is

“Spending those 15 minutes regularly”

Remember, you should not collect all the notes to sing one day and practice.

15×6=90 minutes is not equal to 15 minutes you practice every day.

I don’t know how much I should stress on this point but you have to practice the class taught regularly.

The exam time came, I was able to perform okay in the exam. Because a question i got was for JSE which wasn’t discussed yet. But a little practice made me do it and unsurprisingly i did it.

So at the end, DId i become a legend of a programming?

No, i wasn’t a legend of programming but good enough with concepts that I can understand almost any language like Python, Java Script, C++ and C sharp. It was great to have known these things and understand the code written in the book and write simple programs which you can implement.

The Bonus:

The small JAVA class which i took made me win a competition, yes to win the competition from my crush,

Hell yeah, I had a crush and that too a girl. LOL

I had competed at every point so i did at that point of time

Ma’am asked us to write a program which has a little to do with the logic than just remembering how many prints it has had and where should i place.

I collaborated with my very close friend(Really helpful guy) and completed the program till the level.

The funniest and motivating this was, we wrote the program just in 18 lines, but the program revealed by mam was of 3 and a half page. Around 120+ lines of code.

So this is how i became a noob to a good programmer. And learning programming is a journey which never ends. You have to keep implementing, you have to follow your methodology and mind to solve a problem. Not the program which was written in the book.

This was one of the reasons we were able to finish that competition in just 18 likes than writing 120 lines of codes.

So what is you take away from this article:

  1. You should not think you cannot do something because it looks tough to do and also because your teacher, father, mother, bro, sis, friend, BAE and ….. so on said it is tough. Go to the person who really knows and learns from him, not to the leecher who says programming is tough.
  2. Don’t think you cannot do programming your best-known programming faculty from the college taught you the subject. The is the worst when you compare the Ameerpet standards and to real programming. You can also call them the frog of the well nothing more. Not being racist, telling what they are and the fact.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I will be happy if you comment below mentioning what you liked about this article.

Rana Jayant is a Tech Enthusiast, avid reader, and loves to talk business. TECH10MENT was his 1st professional tech magazine started in 2015. His professional blogging experience serves thousands of visitors every day on the food, travel, and other tech sites.


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