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list of essential softwares for windows systems

list of 10 Essential software list for windows systems

The big buzz can be when you purchase a new laptop and it doesn't have anything installed in it. Most of the PC is...
6 TIPS to enhance your productivity using your laptop

[6 ways] How Laptop can enhance your practical knowledge

The laptop is one device that is becoming a necessity in everyone’s life. Bess student, worker, housewife, teacher, businessmen etc. The laptop is one...
4 tips to purchase a perfect laptop

6 Essential Things To See While Purchasing A New Laptop

There is nothing like a perfect laptop, the perfection is dependent on the type of user and the reason he is buying a new...
is it necessary to have a laptop as a cs student Time

Is it necessary to do Computer Science Engineering with a laptop?

Engineering is an easy field if you have practical knowledge. Days are gone where everything was taough and students were noting down.Facebook, WhatsApp, and...
Save money while purchasing a new laptop

How to Save Money while Purchasing a new Laptop?

Laptop can be pretty hard on your bank. In fact, if you a student you might have to ask your parents to help you...
best laptop for college students

Top 10 Best Laptop Brands In India

Having a laptop is beneficial is important for today's students. Everything can be done by the tiny machines called smartphones and laptops.Want to do...