list of 10 Essential software list for windows systems

list of essential softwares for windows systems

The big buzz can be when you purchase a new laptop and it doesn’t have anything installed in it. Most of the PC is still coming with DOS setup. Or the right reason ay is, people prefer to purchase a laptop which is without windows so they can install the Operating Systtheir tehir own choce.

Important softwares list toinstalonin your computer.

#1 Chrome

Chrome is the very first thing you should install on the system. If you do so, you have access to create, edit, update and delete almost any kind of data. There is one condition, your internet speed should be fast enough for all the vast features.

#2 7Zip

YOu must have observed, when you download files from internet, they come in .zip or .rar format. This is a very common problem people face while using a new computer. You can use 7ZIP to extract all kinds of archived. Remember, i am recommending 7zip because it is better than winrar.

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#3 MS Office

The while internet might have got the data to be controlled online but, the problem becomes when you don’t have a proper connection and you don’t have the data to do any modifications. You should have a software which can help you to create, presentation allows you to edit documents or create a list of work. MS office does the same, and there is no better software than MS Office to maintain the document offline.

The new Microsoft 365 has come up with a new innovation to store the data in the cloud. If you are a small business owner, then just install google drive application in your system. Google drive will do all the synchronization with all the devices, and you can access any file from any of your computers.

#4 Chrome Plugins

Chrome is not just a browser. It has ability to become complete operating system. I am pretty sure you must have heard about the Chromebooks. Extactly, those sytems had chrome operating system.

In this case you don’t have to install the chrome operating system but you have to install some plugins which will have the feature of chrome browser. Some of the cool facts you can do with chrome extensions are, taking screenshots, starting von, share cookies.

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#5 Screenshot Tools

As mentioned in chrome extension. you should have a chrome plugin which can save the screenshot and save on your device. If you are a developer, digital marketing or a graphic designer you know the pain to take screenshots and put them in the report.

#6 AdBlocker

The Internet is full of advertisements. It is good to see them and knows about the new products. But what if I say more than 70% of the computers in the world gets hacked because of misleading ads. Yes, It’s a strong reason to use an ad blocker. Using adblocker like “Adblock” also blocks unwanted popups and removes annoying ads.

#7 Adobe Acrobat Reader(PDF Reader)

Adobe has been in the systems for a long time, and still, the time hasn’t come where you can be independent without Adobe PDF reader. Windows tried hard from the release of Windows 8 to reduce the installation of software by providing inbuilt PDF reader but that wasn’t enough.

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#8 Team Viewer

If you are a person, who help others to use a computer then you should install the popular plugin called TeamViewer.

This software allows you to control the computer without having physical access to the computer. For example, you will be able to control your friend’ss system who is sitting in other country.

#9 Text Editor

If you are a programmer or a learner who learns a lot and has a lot of writing then you should use advanced text editors. Advance text editors like Notepad++ allows you to write a lot of code without writing line by line. It has its inbuilt library from where it predicts all the upcoming codes in the drop-down. However, all the settings can be customized.

#10 360 antivirus

I never trust a windows system without antivirus. There hsould be at least one anivirus to do the job. You can look on 360 which a great tool. This application asks for permissions when other tries to access the same data.

Hope this article has answered the query “Essential software list for windows systems“. If you have any other software which can be included this list then let us know in the comment section below. We will love to take action on it.