Why My Computer Is Running Slow?

why my computer running slow

Have you ever wondered why a system become slow after few months, Well that the whole article is about?

When we purchase a new computer that time, the performance and speed are too fast. But time passes, we install many types of software and after few existing software. In most the cases, we uninstall it due to the speed and performance. Because the cluster of software in a single operating system slows down our computer. Sometimes it hangs down or does not respond to any query, due to this “not responding” we can not do work on the computer. Sometimes we listen that people say.

We use a costly antivirus in the computer. However, the speed and performance do not work fast, and hang too much and show lots of error.So I am going to mention some reason that you will know very well and maintain your speed and performance of your computer for a lifetime. There is some reason that My computer is running slow.

#1 unused registry key

This is a big reason that the speed and performance are going to slow. When we purchase a software and install it on the computer, then this software add in a key form in the registry. So when installing many types of software then all software add in a key registry.And suppose sometimes we want to uninstall some software this is useless for us then this is not need that software is deleted from the registry key.When we need some file, our operating system read a key which is use for me or not then it show uninstall and also show an error, so our operating system waits for that software, and this type of many files is available there in the key  which is unused so our computer is running slow.

#2 Background Process

This process is running in the backdrop of the computer.And when the process is operating in the background it consumes ram.So when-when we want to run a process in current time, and the ram is not available at that point, so operating system takes time in a ram management.And due to this speed of computer became slow.

#3 Junk Files

When we do a work on software or file, then our operating system makes a temporary file, these files are saved in a OS drive.

whenever our computer do a process then it need data and for it .Processing firstly check in a cache and it does not in cache then it check ram also agin it does not get then it also check a virtual ram and during this process it take and save in c drive.And this process take a long time.When we close it then temporary file does not delete.This is a reason that junk fill slowly.When we download something or not download complete then it also a reason of junk.So our 10 gv is became junkfull then time to time our antivirus scan it properly.But when antivirus scan that time it take  too much resources like  utilization of cpu , ram and other type of resourses so our computer work slow.

#4 Antivirus

Due to this, our computer is running slow. The computer has a too much temporary files and junk files then antivirus time to time scan it.But in this process antivirus takes too many resources and take them busy and consume processor and ram. So due to this work computer work slow.The second thing that if we add two antiviruses, then both will understand that file has a virus in each other. Both antivirus fight to each other and due to this PC became slow.If we use heavy antivirus, then it uses too many resources.And the main thing that it will not give the resources for important processing.Busy to resources computer work slow.So we should protect our computer from virus.

#5 Less Space In Operating System

Many people keep operating in c drive.And if c drive has no space then, in this case, our operating system will busy to manage in data.Like we use a heavy software or game, then processor needs too many resources like need data, operating system.Due to less space in c drive operating system busy to manage data. So it works slow.

#6 Virus

If our computer infected with the virus, then it damages to our PC.And the virus is created by Malicious programmers.The virus gets into our self through -mail, infected floppy, download, or sometimes hacking.virus can attach some or all of code on any file and application and result in our computer does thing we do not want that how the virus can destroy a computer.And this is a reason that our computer is running slow.

#7 Animated Themes And Wallpaper Themes

If we use  animated themes and wallpapers then it need too much  resources .And due to it we can use ram for important process.And for we need ram and all ram uses in that type of thing like song wall paper cartoon, games .So our operating system became busy to work and give a resource of them .This is also the main reason that our computer running slow.

So this is a reason that our computer not a work properly, So we should always be careful about this thing .Because people never think this thing and faces many problems.And think that my computer became old .When we make temporary file then we should delete it after our finish a work.If we do it daily it.

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