Why Lithium battery used in iPhone

Why Lithium battery used in iPhone: –

The lithium batteries are the best choice for smart phones in this today’s world. All the smartphone manufacturers put a lithium battery in the phone. Using this battery in smartphones the consumers will gain many advantages of this lithium.

  • It will charge faster.
  • last longer.
  • More battery life.
  • light weight.
  • More charge cycles.

    1. Fast charge: –

The carbon/graphite is used to make anode of the Li-ion battery. The lithium salt is used to make the electrolyte. When the battery charges, the ions move from cathode to anode.

If you observe your device while it is charging, the device will charge quickly to 80%.  The rest of the 20% charge will take a bit long time to charge.

Lithium battery

The charge which takes place from 80%-100% is called as the trickle charge. This will improve your lifespan of your battery.

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2. last longer: –

During the discharge of the battery, the ions move from anode to cathode. These ions move slowly from anode to cathode to make your battery last longer.

These batteries charge faster than they discharge.

3. Light weight: –

These batteries are light in weight. They make iPhone light so that you can lift your iPhone with ease.

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These are the weights of the iPhone models. Apple designed these devices with very low weight.

A few decades ago, phones were only used for calling purposes. But later on as the time passed phone upgraded to messaging.

Calculator, Gramophone, camera, a room filled with a single computer are the devices now are available in a single device.

Now all these together weight only in Grams. Li-ion battery played a role to reduce the weight of the modern mobile phone.

Charge cycle: –

What is a charge Cycle?

The battery is said to be completed one charge cycle when you discharge or use 100% of your battery capacity.

iPhone battery has up to 500 charge cycles.

The old mobile phones give the best battery backup than today’s smartphones.
These old mobile phones are the legends.

iPhone Li-ion battery

Apple states that the battery in iPhone is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles.

Conclusion: –

Smartphones have Li-ion battery for better performance. These ions charge faster and last longer, more over these are light in weight. Lithium ions battery provide 400-500 charge cycles for iPhone and about 1000 cycles for the mac book.