What is a Virtual private network-VPN

What is a VPN – Virtual Private Network?

VPN is a network technology which allows you to hide your identity by hiding your IP address on the internet.

  • (companies VPN): – VPN is a network used to connect to that private network from any part of the internet. Usually, a company will create a virtual private network so that their employees could work from home.Using many usernames and passwords a VPN is created within a company. The employees who work from home can access the company’s network and get the work done using these login details.
  • (Normal Internet User): –Every page you visit and every message you send to your friend or beloved ones is stored or monitored by your government and ISP. Virtual Private Network will come into play while protecting your privacy.

what is vpn


Every site you visit on the internet will obtain your IP address, track your location using IP address. Hence someone having your IP address can your location and your identity. The IP address is your ID card on the internet. Someone who is having your Id card can know who you are and where you live. Surf the internet using VPN if you want no one on the internet to know your identity. So, any work you doing on the internet is not monitored if you use a VPN.

  • To protect your privacy on the Internet you have to use a Virtual Private Network. What is vpn

How VPN works?


Server: it refers to VPN SERVER.

The actual role of this is to clone your IP address. For Eg, If your Ip address is then it is visible as someone who is monitoring you. If you are surfing from place A then it is visible as you are surfing from place B. So, this is cloning your IP address.
Now, let us talk about where this cloned IP address is located. The computer you use is in the Asia continent and the server might be located in the United States of America. Whenever you access the Internet, the server in the USA will fetch the data you requested and send it through a tunnel. It is not guaranteed that server will be located in the USA only, it might be anywhere around the globe depending on the VPN service plan and the location you choose.

To protect the data from hackers the corporate offices use these VPN’s. People send their confidential data through VPN tunnels in an encrypted form, so that even the hackers cannot understand.

  • The server is located in a location where you choose it to be while paying for the company which provides this service.
  • The Server IP address is assigned to you while you are using the internet.

Advantages of VPN:-

  1. Privacy: –  The normal Internet users identity and the company employee work can be protected. The data which is transferred through VPN’s are encrypted. This encrypted data cannot be seen by the hackers or Govt. All companies maintain this to protect their confidential data transferred to their employees who work from home.
    Few Use this to protect their privacy and do some illegal activities on the web (Dark web).
  2. Access blocked sites:-There are many blocked entertainments, torrent sites. You cannot access these blocked sites with a regular internet connection.Now you should use VPN to access these sites. This works as the server is in place B and the country government gives access to those sites.
  3. Good speed: –You can access sites fast which are very far away from you but near to your server.
  4. Secure connection: –The open wifi connections are vulnerable to attacks. You are likely to be attacked when you connect to these open networks. You can protect your privacy as well as your data in encrypted form.


If you want to gain all the above advantages then get a Virtual private network with a reliable and reputable company. There are many companies which provide free Virtual private network services. But something coming for free is not very good. These free VPN’s are good for people who do regular things like web surfing and social media. If you want to do something on the internet and don’t want to be monitored by your Government or hackers then get a reliable VPN.