The Ultimate Planning App | Pagico 8


Pagico is a task planning app that  helps in scheduling our tasks easily thereby staying organised by storing all the user projects in its database.

How it Works

Pagico works by turning your tasks, notes, and projects into interactive flowcharts, which are designed to help you stay focused on the bigger picture. These visualizations allow you to easily plan out, track the progress of, and ultimately complete your projects. You’ll have easy access to all data related to your to-dos, which means you’ll be able to filter through it by status or tags.

Besides that, you can also easily clone existing projects or contacts with a few clicks, plus get notifications for your custom task alerts. And with the useful Today view, you can quickly glance at tasks scheduled for a given day — allowing you to plan out your day accordingly.

Organize everything.

Projects, clients, notes, files, tasks. Easily browse all your data, or archive old stuff to reduce clutter.

Stay informed.

Lists are cumbersome to look at. How about getting the big picture instantly by glancing at your flowchart instead?

Access data anywhere.

Pagico is available for Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, iOS and Android. And it has built-in cloud sync feature to sync your data.

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