3 easy ways to transfer data from android to iPhone

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone:-

Congrats on your new iPhone purchase. You are interested to read this because you got a new iPhone or planning to get one or an enthusiast who learns everything. For people who tend to buy an iPhone think of the ways to Transfer data from Android to iPhone.

At play store, there are many applications to move your data from old to the new device.

You probably must have filled the Android device with a lot of personal data like Text documents, PDF files, photos, contacts, Apps. Now you got the time to move your android data to iPhone.

Reasons to leave Android and use iPhone:-

  • iPhone has shown the people that what is actually a smartphone. It maintains its quality on both hardware and software.
  • It has an operating system which never gets stuck like Android.
  • This provides good security.
  • The Company cares about customer’s privacy rather than Government.
  • The Attractive and Addictive Software i.e iOS.


3 Ways to Transfer your Data to your iDevice:-

  1. Specially designed APPS- Move to iOS.
  2. Google Drive.
  3. share it Application.

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1) Move to iOS:-

This is the app designed specially to help people transfer their data to iPhone from their Android. Most of the people have a Samsung phone as it is the company to increase the craze of Android among us.

This App is available on both the platforms i.e play store and App store.

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Requirements for Move to iOS App:-

  • You need an iPhone 5 or later and iOS version 9 or later.
  • Android version 4.0 or later required for your Android device.

Things need to be done Before Transfering:-

  • Make sure you have a full charge on both the devices.
  • Look for Wi-fi working or not.
  • Make sure the data you’re moving, will fit on your new iOS device.

How to use Move to iOS app:-

  • Download the Move to iOS app on your Android device.

The App is size is 2.17 MB on the Play store.

Now do the simple setup like I Agree, Next, Next things.

Now Tap continue when this screen appears.

When this screen appears Tap Next.


Your Android device asks for Code. This code is present on your iOS device.

Now let’s see how to get this code.

How to get Code on MOVE TO iOS APP:-

When you switch ON your new iPhone for the First time, you will be directed to the simple setup process. Here you enter your

  • Language, country, Wi-fi details, Location services, Touch id Setup and a passcode.
  • After this setup process, Apps  & data screen appears.

Tap Move Data from Android.

Here I have blurred the code. That is the exact place where you can find your Code.

  • Enter this code on your Android device to move from Android to iPhone.

Why enter the code?

The code is required to establish a connection between your iPhone and Android device. This connection is used to move the data from your Android to any iDevice.

What happens if we enter the incorrect code?

If you fail to enter the correct code you won’t get the data from Your Android device. If you enter a correct code which is incorrect you might end up to get someone else data. That would be really funny or weird, but that never happens as Apple guys are really intelligent.

If you get someone else data

After entering the code on the Android device it asks you for what type of data you want to transfer. The data like

  • Google account.
  • messages.
  • contacts.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Camera roll.

These are the only data you can transfer.

By default, all these data are selected to move. if you don’t want any data to be transferred from Android to iPhone just unselect the option.

What should you do after Transfer of Data?

After transferring data your new iPhone designed by Apple is filled with your data. You have just moved your memories(Photos, videos) from Android to Apple iPhone which has a beautiful operating system iOS and an Attractive interface.

Now you will be directed to enter the following things:-

  • Your birthday.
  • First name and last name.
  • If you do not have an iD, password, then create one with good password and security questions.
  • Now enable Siri, diagnostics, App analytics.

Then it displays Welcome to iPhone. Now Tap Get Started.

Hey, now you are ready to use your iPhone with your old data.

This the process to transfer the data from Andriod to iPhone designed by the tech Gaint Apple.

2) Use Cloud services:-

There are many cloud services like Dropbox, Google drive available on both Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Download the cloud service on your Android.
  2. Upload all your photos, videos, files to these cloud services.
  3. Now Download the same service app from App store on your new iPhone.
  4. Log in with the same account used on your Android Device.
  5. Now Go to the folder and download necessary files.

Cons Of using Cloud Services:-

  • You can use only limited free storage on your cloud service.
  • There is no option to share your contacts.
  • This is not a simple process but a lengthy process.
  • You can download files of photos one by one, this would be annoying to you.
    Read more about how to download files from Google Drive to Your iPhone Camera roll.

3) share it:-

One of the fastest ways to share data between devices is shareit Application.

You can use this to transfer data between any kind of devices like Android, iPhone, laptop, windows phone.

This is the best alternative option for Cloud services.

Download this app on Both devices Android and iPhone.

  •  Create the Hotspot on your Android device.
  • Connect to this hotspot on your iDevice.
  • Now start to share using Share it.

For more detailed Instructions read this article. 


The Move to ios option is the best as it is simple to move the data from your old Android to your new iPhone. There are many other third-party apps like Send anywhere which may not work Properly.




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