Things to Learn to Become an Aggressive Programmer

aggressive programming

Coding! Fascinating to hear this word, most of the programmers feel anxiety after listening to this word. while others feel a sort of ache in their mind, Coding is everything which has a hike value in the software industry.

The beginners to programming need to spend a lot of time in a smart way to become aggressive coders despite this could become a normal coder by spending normal time on it. Every programmer should have atleast idea on does and don’ts  of programming.

So, here we are some helpful things to learn and follow daily that will help you out in becoming an aggressive coder.

Top Things to Learn for Aggressive Coding

1.Basics of a Language

Don’t ever forget the basics does and don’ts of a language. If you do so you are letting you to get in to a big problem, memorize the basics so that you never forget them as it leads in errors wasting you a lot of time. If you are good at the very basics it will help buy you a lot of time in coding. It may take time to learn at what a compiler raises an error, you can solve the raised error but, what if errors are not raised by the compiler then you might  be in a  real problem. So, to avoid this problems you should learn the basics of coding very clearly.

2. Have a good knowledge of compilers

Different compilers may require different additional code to compile the code. The compilers you use depends on the language you are working on. We normally go for a best means a comfortable compiler every time which would save us time and reduce the complexity. Have a good knowledge of how your compiler works on the code, how much data it requires to run the code, how much time it takes to run, what are the common errors it would raise and how to fix the errors raised by different compilers. This sort of knowledge would help you a lot.

3. Solving the problemsNew techniques

Spend as much time you get in a day on coding and solve the doubts you get by questioning yourself thoroughly and find answers to them, fixing them willhelp you a lot in further problems. Because solving problems gains you a lot of knowledge. So, solve the every problem you get every and keep going on. Get new problems from others or get by yourself and solve them.

4. Learn new Techniques daily

New Techniques which would be replaced with the older junky one will help in enhancing yourself. Finding the best new technique is always the good way and one of the part in becoming the good coder, try things differently in a different way giving best result or it may fail you sometimes but don’t get upset as you are in the path of learning. Both good results and failures teaches you a lot.

5.  Be fast and be different

fast learningThe Software companies look for best coders, in a bunch of coders you should be different from others at specific things because companies sees how you are unique from others in coding may be the time you take to code or the time plus the  best code you write. So, learn to code faster than anyone you probably you think.

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