Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Top 20 Hacking Movies List


Hacking is tracing and utilizing the weakness in the computer networks, which helps in entering into company database. One who does a lot of study and research on computers, computer networks and database would become a hacker. Problems like getting caught are messed with Hacking. Here are the Top 20 hacking movies list of which some are made from real stories.

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

1.Fifth estate

Top 20 Hacking movie List

Fifth estate is a real story of founder of wiki leaks. It is an hacking organization of members which does blackdogs and leaks confidential information of governments.The so-called Collateral Murder footage from the 12 July 2007 Baghdad airstrike in which Iraqi journalists were among those killed is one of the releases.

2.Black hat

Top 20 Hacking Movies list

Black hat is a story of a genius hacker who is prisoned for her cyber crimes. His code early in years involves in a attack caused by other group in china. So, a police agent who is given charge revealing this crime knows about the hacker in prison. He asks the officer to temporarily release him to catch the crime group.


Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Hackers is about a guy banned from using a computer until 18, grows up to be an even bigger hacker than his childhood pranks. Along with his friends, he discovers the plot of an evil genius to unleash a lethal virus.

4.The algorithm

Top 10 Hacking Movies List

A coder who is very good at networks accidentally gets a code which is related to a major which is traced by officers. Whenever he tries to open the software, officers gets signal of his location.  How he manages to know about the software is the story of this film.


Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Kevin mitnick’s a hacker escapes from anti-hacking agents while hacking into computers which has sensitive and confidential information. He later gets in to an upgraded system of an ex-cyber crimes expert and there starts a chase.

6.Eagle eye

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Two people Jerry Shaw and matrixRachel Holloman gets a call from an unknown woman threatening them. Tells them to involve in a mission and helps them to get themselves out of police catch with network control.


Top 20 Hacking Movies List

A young ukrainian hacker working for an organization launches a personal vendetta against the entire banking system after his mother lost her job.

8.Live free or Die hard(2007)

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

A New york police detective will be assigned a job by FBI to find “matt” a hacker, one among the top hacker’s list.

9.Hackers game

Trickster Arts develops an independent video game named hackers. In which hackers build 3D networks using futuristic interface to control other palyers  and to become best hackers in the world.

10.code 2600

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Code 2600 is an ifo-tech developed by people who shares their experience of the work in an interview. It is made an documentry and being released.

11.The net

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

A lady computer programmer finds a secret government information and gets stumbled. While an unknown enemy tries to destroy her identity.

12.who am i

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

A boy who growsup at his grandmother home, learns coding and hacks his friends system at the age of 8. When grows up gets involved in a cyber crime group which is geared up for global fame.

13.The hacker wars

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Hacker wars is about three activists and hacktivists, who fight  against US government. They act as  terrorist or freedom fighters depending on each’s perspective  and on the information they have.


Top 20 Hacking Movies List

This movie is about a FBI Agent who fights for stopping a hacker hacking the world’s economy.


Top 20 Hacking movies List

Spy Gabriel Shear leader of an illegal group makes a deal with a computer hacker stanley to help him hack illegal government funds and the hacker’s future will be build for help.


 Top 20 Hacking Movies ListA Hacker Psychopath serial killer uploads his murder’s videos in a website which will be found by FBI. A FBI agent will assigned a job of tracking down this serial Killer.

17.War Games

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

A High School brilliant student hacks in to a military supercomputer while searching for new video Games in internet. He starts the game and finally initiates a nuclear weapons protocol in response to threat.

18.In the Realm of the Hackers

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

In the realm of Hackers is movie on a hacking community famous in melbourne, Australia in late 1980’s.

19.Hackers are people too

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

This film is about hackers community documentry. it shows that hackers are like neighbours and how they think.

20.Hacking democracy(2006)

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Democracy of Hacking into voting database and editing data is screen in it.Making perfect use of hacking is explained clearly in this movie.

Movies have been listed by considering the rating given by viewers.These are the best movies of Top 20 Hacking Movies List.

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