Top 10 productivity websites you should know in 2018.

best best productivity apps and websites

Here in this page we would like to represent you about few productivity websites
you should try and make a use of it .

1. Quora

To start the list off, basically it is app which is related question and answer website where
question are created answers are edited and organised by it’s community of users and this a website that helps me whenever I need a question answered whether it’s about relationships, life lessons, or general awareness, simply ask a question and someone will be bound to answer it.

2. TED

If you’re a fan of the all-new in science and technology ,art and other fields I suggest you
TED website, which undoubtedly you did heard, and When I was searching for
inspiration and motivation, an efficient source were the TED talks I listened to for hours.
Whether you’re on your computer or listening to a Podcast, TED opens your mind up to a
new world. There’s a variety of people that explains any motivational subject you can
think of that can help you rediscover life. With over a hundred videos to choose from, all
TED talks provide you with a powerful message that can inspire you in ways you never
knew before.

3. Codeacademy

As the world as changed to full of digitalised were as this Coding has taken an important
role in the world and even knowing the basics to HTML and Java could make a major
difference in your life. With dozens of easy step-by- step tutorials on display, it’ll only
take a matter of hours before you gain a better understanding of it. What makes this
website such an effective productive tool is that once you have a keen concept to coding,
it makes developing websites so much easier.

4. Spreeder

If there was a super power that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet could have, it would be the ability to be the world’s fastest readers. But not too many people have the ability to read 1000 words a minute and actually retain that information. The next best thing you can do is gradually improve your reading speed and comprehension. This website provides you with a software that increases your ability to read faster and actually remember it. And why would you want to read faster? The same reason you want faster internet.

5. Duolingo

As this would be able to provide more languages, If you’re into Rosetta-Stone but don’t
have the insane amount of cash to treat yourself to it, this website is the perfect place
for you. Choose from languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, and much
more to begin your path to become bilingual. Did I mention it had a killer app you can
download too? You don’t need to pay for expensive products when this website can give
you the same results in only a matter of months. (Because let’s be honest. You’re not
going to actually learn Spanish within a few weeks.) 6. Lifehacker

There’s nothing better than having the ability to hack your life away effortlessly. When you’re searching for a way to better your relationships, what cool things you can do with technology, or interesting facts you never knew before, this website gives it all to you.

7. Instructables

With this website, I might have just killed a few hours for you by mistake. Here, you can browse
through a variety of DIY subjects such as creating a LEGO iPhone case, creating a fantasy map
even if you can’t draw, or making your own purses. This website is great for those looking for
inspiration to make a product of their own and explore what people enjoy.

8. Lumosity

It took a while for this website to rub off on me, but after playing with it, there were great benefits I found intriguing. With games and tools developed by a team of neuroscientists, you can sharpen your mind by learning how to recall things and actually remember someone’s name after they introduce themselves to you. There’s more things you can do that increases you brain power, but I still can’t get over the “Never forget someone’s name” lesson.

9. Wikipedia

I was actually considering about keeping this off the list. But I’ve had a relationship with good old Wikipedia back when I was in Junior High. With nearly an endless scope of knowledge in just about anything you can imagine, I like to think of Wikipedia as the Godfather of knowledge.

10. Mint

Suck at keeping your fiancés under control? This automatic tracking and budgeting tool
can save you a bunch of future hassles. You can end up saving a bundle of cash with this
website because it provides a detailed measure to where your money is going. By
gathering your financial information into one place, you receive a pretty chart to your
spending pattern. And don’t worry. They’re connected to almost every US financial
institution connected to the internet. In just minutes, you can begin tracking your
spending habits.

top 10 best productivity website you should know

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