Top 10 Best Launchers for Andriod

top 10 best android launchers

Looking for the best launcher for the Android launcher, If yes then here is the list of top 10 best launchers for android which will change the look you use android.

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Look and operating interface is limited in an iPhone but if you are an android user then you have the option to change the launchers. It changes the way use the Android devices uses android. There are many of

1. Google Now Launcher

Download: Google Now Launcher

Google’s very own stock Android launcher strips the thing down to the basics, but just
because it’s the Android standard, doesn’t mean it’s boring. For your money (well,
actually, it’s free), you get easy access to Google Now, button-free voice controls, and
enough transparent window-bars to make you think you’re back in Windows Vista.
New features
• Search for apps on your device or new ones on the Play Store from the A-Z list.
• App Suggestions use on-device intelligence to bring the apps you’re looking for to the
top of your list.

2 . Nova launcher

Download: Nova Launcher

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Nova is one of the oldest and most popular launcher apps, offering a high level of
customization for everything from the way that apps scroll to the positioning of icons on
the home screen. Upgrade to the paid version to get unread count badges, gesture
support, and some more handy extras.
Here there are few features of this launcher

  • Dots! Android O style notification badges
  • Round search bar style
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor fixes for Android O

3 . Apex launcher

Download: Apex Launcher

Apex, another venerable app launcher out there, offers plenty of customization options
without bogging you down with too many screens and menus. Most of the changes
you’ll see after you’ve installed the app are pretty subtle ones, but there’s plenty to
explore once you start digging deeper. Here are few features of this launchers
New Apex action for screen lock.

  • app icons for Google Calendar
  • New icon font options for Lollipop+
  • Apex settings icon in app drawer

4 . ZenUI launcher

Zen UI Launcher

Download: ZenUi 

ZenUI is the launcher that Asus puts on its own Android phones, but anyone can try it out
for free courtesy of the Google Play Store. It’s clean and speedy and offers a variety of
useful features, like grouping apps into related folders automatically for you and
recommending new apps you might like.Now you can crop your wallpapers
– Icon frames

5 . Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Download: Yahoo Launcher

Yahoo snapped up Aviate in the early stages of its development, and it’s turned into one of the best contextually-aware launchers available. Aviate collects apps together based on different activities, and will then suggest items that you are likely to use.
New feature New Wallpaper Picker (rewritten from scratch)

  • Shopping Cart
  • Improved performance
  • Minor bug/crash fixes

6 . Action Launcher Pro

Download: Action Launcher

Action Launcher has some nifty, unique features – stuff like a quick-access set of
shortcuts (all customisable, of course), special gestures for launching apps from within
folders, and a cool one-touch method of creating widgets from apps.
Sadly, you have to pay the requisite couple of quid for the premium version if you want
to get your hands on the goodies.
Unread badge support.
Scrolling dock pages.
Quick page is available for all users.

7. ADW Launcher

ADW launcher

Download: ADW Launcher

The original ADW Launcher, the one that changed the game and made you enjoy your
home screen customization. probably the ultimate launcher – anything
you want to tweak is tweakable, from the particular shade of Gmail red to the precise
gesture needed to open an app.

8. Next Launcher

Next Launcher

Download Next launcher

Some will consider Next Launcher jaw-droppingly cool – a 3D launcher that’s completely different to the standard grid-with- some-widgets- whacked-on- top. Of course, it’s insanely impractical and a complete battery hog, but it might just impress a girl at the bar on Friday night. A language plug-in for Next Launcher 3D.

9. Nougat Launcher

N Launcher

Download: Nova Launcher

Nougat Launcher is an Android™ 7.0 Nougat style launcher with many enhanced
features; Native and feature-rich.

  • Optimize app search
  • Optimize layout for big phone
  • Optimize app label size

1.Arrow launcher

Arrow launcher

Download: Arrow Launcher

Arrow is the personal launcher from Microsoft Garage that offers a radical simplification
of the Android experience. Arrow is lightweight, fast and efficient. With Arrow, you can
personalize your device so that it matches your style. Customize icon packs, homepage
layouts, wallpapers, and more. With the Bing wallpaper of the day feature, you will have
a fresh new look every day. The Arrow launcher, created by the folks at Microsoft, re-skins Android to give it a distinctly Windows feel. Links to Bing, Wunderlist, and Office are all front and center, as you would expect, but there are some useful tweaks here that will interest people who aren’t fans of Microsoft as well. Here there are few features of this

  • Arrow is 10% faster
  • Uses 15% less battery
  • Uses 20% less memory


Hope this article helped you in finding the top 10 best android launchers for your android. If you think there is another best android launcher should be on the list, and in the comment section below. We will consider making it bigger.