How to Take Screenshot on iPhone

Why people Take a screenshot on iPhone:-

Taking a screenshot is a too often habit for people who have lot many friends. They take the screen shot of the chat between a friend and forward it to other friends.

Actually, these are helpful when your girlfriend or boy friend cheats on you. You can show the chat to them and your friends of what they promised you.

You can take a screen shot on your iPhone but you cannot screen record the video.

If you are an android user read this article on how to take screenshots on Android.

Take a Screenshot on iPhone:-

Step1: –
Open the screen which you want to take the screenshot.

Step2: –

Now Press the Home button and power button at the same time.
This will give a shutter sound.

Take your screen shot on iPhone

Now you have successfully taken your screen shot.

How to open and edit the Screenshots:-

  1. Open the Photos app from your Home screen.
    iPhone screenshot
  2. Scroll down to find your screenshot.
  3. Tap to view, favorite, edit, or share it.

You can also find the Find Screenshots on camera App.

Open the camera app and tap recently taken photos icon. There you can find the Screenshot recently taken.

take screenshot

Here is a video on how to take screen shots on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


That is it, now you got the screenshot on your iPhone. This is same for any iPhone models like 4, 4s, 5s, 6s, 6 plus.

If you have the iPhone owners manual or users manual please don’t refer that. They will not provide you with good instructions.

Sorry Apple, if we offended you. But it is true.


Home button and the power button are used to take screenshots on your new iPhone. There are no third party apps to take screenshots for your iPhone. The android users got many third party applications to take screenshots easily. There are more apps on play store than on app store.

According to recent statistics, Play store has more than 3 million apps and App Store has 2.8 million apps on their respective stores.

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