Tips and trick to increase jio sim speed !


Hello readers, Today I’ll tell you How I increased my jio sim speed and can be called a tip or trick to increase Jio sim speed.

This has been a big issue among Jio users. Jio has attracted more that 10 million, mobile internet users, its attractive offer. No doubt jio has made a great promotion, But there is a catch.

If you do not have a Jio sim then you can get it from here “How to get a Jio sim for free?

  • High-speed Internet usage limited to 4GB and 2GB [Solved below]
  • The calls aren’t connecting but telling Network busy
  • SMS is unlimited and works well.

jio-sim-speedWell, In this post i will give you some proven technique that I have used personally to increase the speed. You won’t believe but I have seen 41.50 Mbps in Begumpet, Hyderabad.

I was trying to figure out, Why the Jio speed change from time to time and figured out. It’s not only full network signal but also the location and traffic matters.

Jio works well in the morning but at the evening, No it doesn’t.


#1 Trick to increase jio sim speed

This is easy to implement and you will get up to 40% more speed than the original speed. It may vary user to user. It also depends on the location you are using to connect. Eg: the USA, UK and etc.

Download the android app and open the app and fix the location. Observe the download speed. As i mentioned earlier the download speed varies from location to location.

Download VPN app: Download


#2 Trick to increase jio sim speed

Disable Band 5 – 850 Mhz (For MTK variant phone)

Before starting anything, you should know, The device which you are using is of MTK variant or not.  Download MTK Engineering Mode.

  1. Now open and Select MTK Setting.
  2. Then Select Band Mode.
  3. Now select Sim Slot where you inserted Jio Sim.
  4. After that Scroll down to LTE mode.
  5. Uncheck all the other Bands Except Band 40. [Take a screenshot of all the settings, In case you miss it]
  6.  Press Set Done
  7. Congrats, You have applied trick to increase jio sim speed.

MTK Engineering Mode only works on Mediatek Phone Base.

#3 Trick to increase jio sim speed

If you have crossed the daily limit which is 4GB for LYF phone users and 2GB for non LYF phone users then use this trick.


How to check My device is supports MediaTek Phone?

Download CPU Z from the play store and check the details.


NOTE : This tip is for educational purposes only.

  •  MTK app is an app used by android development. if you don’t know much of it leave it or proceed st your own risk.

I hope this article “trick to increase jio sim speed” helps you in improving you download speed and your experience towards Jio, If it doesn’t let me know in the comment section below.

As the days moved forward, the jio numbers are available


How to enable DND on Jio and stop getting a call from marketing companies and spam promotional SMS?

Send “START DND” 1909 and you will receive a final confirmation.

Jio DND Activation Guide – EarningKart




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