5 tips to boost your phone speed like a pro

tips to boost your phone like a pro

Now a days phone have become a biggest part of our daily life , infact essential enough that we cannot live without. One of the funny slogan i heard in back 2017 was

“New Generation kids can live without food but not without internet”

That’s on of the strong reason why we get irritated when the our smartphone slows down, we get no more access to something we use all the time. We loose the option to handle boring class, to play games in lunch and to show off that you have the fastest smartphone is the group.

Considering all these heart breaking problems Eg: Phone Slowdown, i am giving you 5 tips which will in making your phone faster and will enhance your phone batter backup.

Let’s get started and analyze why your phone slows down! Because of memory! Yes the promary memory also knows of internal memory.

Smartphones store the operating system in the internal memory and uses that memory to form memory cache and other memory management purposes.

When the space is the primary internal memory becomes congested, it becomes tough to process the application faster. You can free the space by by moving your photos, videos and large files in secondary memory, I am pretty sure it will have a positive impact on the phone performance.

Tip 1: Get rid of old photos

Were as by backing the old photos to iCloud or else by syncing them to iPhoto may lead to save your photo in secured place ,And then you may go for deleting the photos in phone memory which might turn to save a lot of space ,And it may even increase your performance speed

Tip 2: Check for software updates, and update your phone if

Turning of the updates not only inhances phone performance but also saves you cash by reducing internet charges and battery backup for sure. One more smart way to keep your phone update sis to check Before clicking on to a update button. see to whether you are ok with what all you have because a minor update might not change many feature to it but the major one may which may which can change your easy way of handling .

Tip 3: Try reallocating your phone memory with this app

When phone seems to be running slow ,Then click on to memory managing app ,As there is
a app which check all these and make sure your phone perform faster it use to be (battery doctor)

Tip 4: Turn off auto app updates

If your iPhone is running slow then their may be even a reason updating process taking place at background without your permission, Make sure that it ask for your permission before updating. To change this in your settings, head over to Settings & iTunes& App Store  Automatic Downloads. Switch the sliders to off mode where it says Updates.

Tip 5: Avoid setting your phone to automatic.

Basically, if you can do something manually, do it.
Avoid setting your phone to automatic. Make sure that you control your phone such that no operation take place without Taking permission like such as scouting out nearby Wi-Fi or updating apps, it can slow the phone down. Turn this off by heading to Settings Wi-Fi & Ask to Join Networks. Switch the slider to off.

Ninja Technique to boost your phone speed like a pro: 

If you phone is still behaving like a old grandfater radio then format the phone. Remember before you format, you should backup all the important data in any external storage.

Hope these tips will help you in answering your query “Why my phone is so slow” and “How to make your phone perform faster”. Give a big thumbs up on the like button given at the end of the article.

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tips to boost your phone like a pro