Tips to prevent debit and Credit card frauds

debit card faraud prevention tips

3 easy steps to secure your debit card from founders

2 step authentication:

2 step authentication is a system to verify your identity twice while doing any debit/credit card transaction.  in this, when a user tries to transact money by using debit or credit card the card owner gets a message with an OTP.  you should not share this to anyone over the social network even on WhatsApp.  To start two-step authentication  you should contact the bank customer care your branch.

Instant SMS update:

instant SMS update  since you all the transaction information on your mobile in no time.  if you haven’t done the transaction instantly you can call to the customer care.  if you haven’t done the transaction and also block your card by giving sufficient details to the customer care  of your bank. your card will be blocked in no time and you can secure any other transaction to happen.

Track all the  activity:

you can try to call the activity happening in your bank account,  even a single rupee transaction will be visible in your account dashboard.  to see the dashboard you should have  Internet banking service activated.  if you don’t have Internet banking service then  you can talk to the branch manager to get one.  Usually The internet banking takes 24 hours to get activated.

4 tips which will secure your Internet banking credentials from frauds.

Internet banking contains all the activity done on your bank account from the first transaction. And you can track and see all the transactions happened in specific month or date.

Using secure and personal Internet connection

A personal connection can be your home WiFi network or your own mobile network. Don’t use any open WiFi and cyber cafe WiFi.  Usually, cyber cafe Internet shop owners  record all the activities done by the users.  Usually, Internet shops will be having old version of operating system. The use Old version of browsers which may lead to leak your online banking credentials.

Avoid transactions on public network.

public network can be any public place for example bus stop airport college network,  it hurt but it can also record the data and see what is happening ?  you can also see what is the data is transferred over the network what website user is accessing.


Use secure system.

A system will be called secure if it has these things followed. Use good antivirus software[Never use avast], Browser[Chrome or Mozilla Firefox], Operating system[Mac OS X, Linux] installed on it. Even if you have cracked version of Windows installed on your system, it won’t be recommended to do any online transaction on the system.

No cracked/nulled software

if you have any application installed  which is cracked version and are not downloaded from  reliable Marketplace then you should avoid doing transacto them.

Which browser to use to do online transaction ?

  • you can use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Both the browsers available for Mac users Windows users and Android users. More often,  Chrome will be recommended because before opening any site Google chrome tries to recognize the code of a website. If the website is not secure then it gives you warning like this.

google chrome warning

  • Usually, Google chrome and other browsers ask to save the debit/credit card information. Do not save them,  Saving your bank account data in the browser may result more costly than filling them again and again.

Hope the above information helps you and gives you and if you have any other things to be mention  to make your online activity and other card frauds secure then you can mention in the comment section below.