How to stop seeing adds on the Internet ?

    Why to stop seeing adds

    How to stop seeing adds on the Internet and anyother site like youtube and facebook?

    Someone has said “The Internet is full of information, what ever you want you can get all for free” But today defination has changes and it looks like “The internet is not only full of adverisement” but also full of advertisements which will keep appearing untill you block them”.

    In this article i have discussed Why, How to block advertisement. You will learn how to stop advertisement o the internet and also best solution to protect your system from adware ?

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    if you are an Internet user you must have observed,  there are a lot of advertisement flowing on your the screen.  sometimes it is  good to see them but most of the time it is very  irritating.

    Example:  Now you have gone to youtube to see your favorite serial, Music. But YouTube made a 5 seconds unskippable advertisement. Now in this case you are too anxious to see the video but youtube is killing that excitement with a 5second video.


    Why remove adds from your screen ?

    Why to stop seeing adds

    Well, There can be many reasons for this


    • Google uses your personal information to show you the advertisement[I didn’t say that google shares your information with anyone].
    • Facebook does the same.
    • Irrelevant adds [Semi nude pics in advertisement]
    • Flashy adds [I personally hate it]

     if you want to remove all the advertisement from any site, you can use any of the extention which are mentioned below. And if you want to remove the advertisement as per your requirement and not kill the publishers, then use these addblockers as per your requirements!

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    By the help of an AdBlock Chrome extension not see any YouTube advertisement  and Adsense advertisement.

    Adblocker Plus

    The difference between Adblock and Adblock Plus is,  Adblock Plus remove all the advertisement from any website.  you will not see 90% of the  advertisement shown on the website and YouTube.

    Now this part will help you in removing all the facebook adds from all the browsers like “Google Chrome”, “Mozilla FireFox”, “Opara” and “Safari”!

    How to get rid of Facebook ads in Google Chrome ?

    Pic src:
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    to do this you have to download uninstall the plugin called Facebook flat.  you can get it the Chrome store.  the rating is quite a girl more than 2000 users are currently using facebook flat.

    • Go to chrome website
    • Search Facebook flat and click Add to chrome
    • All own the permission “Add extension” and you are done!

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    How to get rid of Facebook ads in  Mozilla Firefox?


    • Open Mozilla Firefox and go to add-ons page.
    • Search “AdBye For Facebook.”
    • Click “download” and after download click “install”
    • You can use : Ad Blocker, Ad Killer, remove all Facebook ads


    How to get rid of Facebook ads in Opera browser?

    • Open a bra and go to Ad on store
    • Search Facebook adless and click install, It’s done

    How to get rid of Facebook ads in Safari Browser?

    • open Safari and go to preferences select “advanced”  and permit
    • Enable “develop menu”
    • No download and install face black and you’ll be able to enjoy FB without any advertisement

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    What will happen when you remove the advertisement from the website and  YouTube videos?

    The publisher and the video maker will no more will be able to make money! They have must work hard to make a their video. That’s why in the article i have mentioned why stopping every ad will publishers.

    Hope the article helps you in “blocking the adds” you wanted, We have not linked these apps for our personal and web site reasons, but you can get them by searching on google!  

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