How to speed up google chrome ?

How to speed up google chrome?

The total internet users all over the globe are more than 3.5 Billion people that are more than half of the world population. In the 3.5 B users, more than half people use Google Chrome browser to surf the internet. As you use the Chrome browser for a long time it slows down. Here I will give you few tips on how to speed up Google Chrome browser.
Actually slow is a boring thing and everyone hates it. Follow these simple steps and increase the speed of google chrome and surf your web faster.

1. Remove unwanted extensions: To Speed up Chrome

Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser.These are always an extra help to surf the web more easily. Most of the chrome users often use extensions like AdBlock to block the advertisements on the sites they visit.

When you use  more extensions they eat up your memory and makes your browser slow. It is advisable that when you use the browser for a long time disable the extensions. This will speed up your browsing speed in Chrome.

2. Close unused tabs:-

The people often open multiple tabs to read a post and other posts related to it in different tabs. These tabs bring lot of load to your browser and make it slow. Try to close the tabs which you don’t use.
Tip to close all your tabs at once:-

  • Click the three dots icon on the top right corner of your browser.
  • Hover your mouse on More tools.
  • click on task manager Or Simply use Shift+Esc.
  • Click on End process to close all tabs at once.

This is the coolest way to close all your tabs at once.

speed up google chrome

speed up google chrome

To select all tabs press CTR + A.

Close a single tab:-

  • Windows, Linux use this keyboard shortcut  Ctrl + w.
  • Mac users use this keyboard shortcut ⌘ + w.

3. Update your google chrome:-

The Google will provide you with lot many updates at regular interval of time. Try to use an updated version of Chrome browser, this will improve your experience with chrome. The speed and loading speed of the browsers will improve with the updates. Updates are really important to any kind of soft wares as they cover all the vulnerabilities and protect your privacy.

4. Check for Prefetch option:-

Make sure you have turned on this option (prefetch). The prefetch option will let you load pages with maximum speed. Try to check that this option in your settings is turned on.

  • Click on the three dots at top right corner => Settings
  • Show advanced settings.
  • In privacy section check “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly” is enabled.

speed up google chrome

speed up google chrome

5. Clear browsing data on Chrome :-

The more you surf the internet using your browser the more data will me stored in your browser memory.  Every time you visit a new website your browser will store some data on the cache memory.

  • Cache memory stores common data like image, CSS style sheet, script and many more of the site you visit. Every time you visit this website the browser will fetch data from this cache memory instead of fetching from the web server, this will decrease the time to load the page.
  • Now after reading about this your mind is saying that cache memory is good. Yes, that is good only if it is not filled with lots of data.
  • If the cache memory is filled then your browser starts behaving unusually.

Now it’s time to clear the browser cache memory.

  • settings=> History or Ctrl + H.
  • Click  Clear browsing data.
  • Again Click Clear browsing data.

speed up google chrome

speed up google chrome

speed up google chrome

These are the really simple steps to follow and make your browser work faster.

Extra Tip:-

  • Use different browsers instead of only one. This will reduce the time to fill your cache memory.
  • Use social media on chrome, google searches on Mozilla, anonymous browsing on TOR.



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