Top 10 Most Popular Gadgets to Purchase In 2018

most popular gadgets

Gadgets make convenience and comfort in life. A smartphone itself is a gadget that comes up with many new and impressive features.

For Apple fans, the gadget is probably an iPhone, and they enjoy using its different features. iPhone uses way more advanced technology than other smartphone manufacturers that’s why many people love using it for different purposes.

However, for supporting the working and functioning of an iPhone, you must consider buying some extra gadgets with it which will make a convenience in your life. These gadgets can also be termed as extra accessories for iPhone because they add more functionality to the smartphone. And today, we will discuss the Top 10 best iPhone gadgets that you should buy to enjoy some additional features with it.

So, without further ado, lets jump right into the main topic :  

  1. Power Bank :

You must consider buying a power bank for your iPhone because it cannot stay charged all day long. You will need it when you are on travel and cannot find a power source to charge your iPhone. Keeping a power bank can make sure that you can never run out of charge while using an iPhone.

So, you should buy a power bank for keeping your iPhone charged on different occasions. We will recommend you to buy the RAVPower 12000mAh Phone Charger. This power bank when fully loaded can charge your iPhone 4 to 5 times at its best. So, better go for it if you want your iPhone to be powered all the times.

  1. Stand with a Cable Hole :

Stand with a Cable HoleA stand including a loophole for a cable has many uses. An iPhone can be fitted into it easily. The stand provides safety, improved comfort and productivity. You can use your iPhone all day long without holding it in your hands. Place it on a stand and enjoy working on your cell phone with more comfort.

So, better buy a stand that has a hole for a charging cable as you wouldn’t want to dispatch your iPhone from the stand for charging it. The stand best suited for your iPhone is Lamicall iPhone Stand as it does have a cable hole for charging and provides more comfort and ease while using the phone.

  1. Bluetooth Earbuds :

Bluetooth EarbudsBluetooth earbuds have many benefits and use in an ordinary daily routine. You won’t have to worry about the plug-in cable of the typical earbuds which irritates a lot while running or during gym. You can easily connect them by just clicking a button and enjoying your favorite music. You can hear your favorite songs while running, jogging or doing exercise in a gym using a Bluetooth earbud.

So, consider buying a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that will help you a lot in listening to your favorite music and videos anywhere and at any place. If you are looking for the best earbuds, consider buying AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones as they are cheap and provide a clear-cut audio quality as well.

  1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker :

Portable Bluetooth SpeakerYou know that an iPhone’s built-in speaker can entertain only you and not the other people. If you want to enjoy loud music with your friends and family, you should buy a portable Bluetooth speaker because the iPhone itself is not capable of delivering thunderous sound.

Portable Bluetooth speaker can be taken anywhere and at anyplace. You can enjoy the music you love with a loud and clear audio quality with a portable Bluetooth speaker.  If you are looking for a best portable speaker, consider buying a brand new AmazonBasics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker as it can provide a loud sound with a crystal clear audio quality.

  1. Multi-Port Charger :

Multi-Port ChargerExtra gadgets also require charging from time to time as their battery drains with the passage of time. So, to keep them charged and powered up, you must buy a charger that supports multiple ports at once so that you don’t have to worry about the battery drainage of extra gadgets with your iPhone respectively.

So, to make convenience in your life and to charge all the gadgets at the same time, a multi-port charger is there for you to cover these problems. After much research, the best multi-port charger we will recommend is AUKEY 5-port USB charger as it comes with five ports and provides superfast charging as well.

  1. Phone Holder For Car :

Phone Holder For CarPeople who own a suction type car holder for their iPhone may know the critical functions of holders. Most people think that a car phone holder is a shitty gadget for a phone, but that is entirely wrong. You need a phone holder for a car as it will protect your iPhone from damage and any other emergency. Phone holders come with many other benefits. You can easily see the GPS navigation on your phone while driving the car. You can attend phone calls with safety as the phone won’t be in your hands.

So, consider buying a phone holder to enjoy the safety and productivity while driving the car. We will recommend you to buy the brand new Mpow Cell Phone Car Holder as it has a sturdy design and a reliable build quality.

  1. iPhone Case :

iPhone CasePurchasing an excellent and high-quality case for your iPhone can help a lot in different aspects. It can give a unique look to your iPhone. It can also prevent the damage of your phone in case of an accident or emergency. In most of the cases, iPhone gets damaged when it dropped from your hands and struck the floor. A good phone case will tend to minimize the damage during these type of accidents as well.

So, buy yourself a phone case that not only gives a stylish look but keeps your phone safe in case of an accident. The phone cases come with many designs and look. The one you should consider buying would be the JETech Phone cases as they come in many varieties and are responsible for keeping your iPhone safe and sound.

  1. Screen Protector :

Screen ProtectorThe most critical and sensitive area of any mobile phone is its screen. The mobile phone will be of no use if its screen gets cracked due to an accident. This is where a screen protector becomes handy for you. A screen protector helps a lot in saving the screen and display from major accidents. So, if you have put a screen protector on your iPhone, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your Phone’s display.

Screen protector has mainly two types, the plastic one, and the glass one. Consider buying a glass screen protector as it is more robust and rigid and provides more protection to the screen of the phone. The best screen protector available at the market is amFilm Tempered Glass screen protector as it allows for ultra protection to unwanted accidents and keeps your screen safe.  

  1. Armband Case :

Armband CaseArmband cases are useful when you are on running or on a long walk. Armband cases can help you a lot in comfort while jogging or a long run. Putting cell phones in your trouser’s pockets is a bad idea as it keeps the disturbance while you are running. This is where an armband case can become handy for you as it doesn’t move from the arm and can provide you more comfort during a long running track.

So, try to buy an armband case which is water resistant and has a pocket for keys in it as it can help you a lot and keep your iPhone safe as well. If you are looking for an armband with all necessary features, Tribe Sports Water Resistant Armband is a perfect choice for you in this regard.

  1. Selfie Stick :

Selfie StickA selfie stick is a need for every selfie lover. It can help you take awesome and excellent face pictures and are used for vlogging too. So, if you want to make high-quality selfie photos, consider buying a good selfie stick for your iPhone as it will help you a lot in taking this kind of pictures.

A selfie stick has got many benefits like reducing the shakiness and blurriness in your photos, allows you to take group photos, you won’t have to rely on other people for making your photos, and it helps to keep the mobile phone save as well. So, buy yourself a selfie stick if you want to enjoy all these benefits. We will recommend you to buy FugeTek Professional Selfie stick as it has many advanced features in it.

Conclusion :

So, these were the top 10 best gadgets worth buying if you want to enjoy extra features while using your iPhone. We hope that you would have realized the value and benefits of these gadgets after reading the list mentioned above. Gadgets add extra convenience and comfort in your life and keeping all the accessories mentioned above with an iPhone is a must thing to do as it will help you a lot in daily life routine and will make your work more comfortable as well.

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