How to Save Money while Purchasing a new Laptop?

Save money while purchasing a new laptop

Laptop can be pretty hard on your bank. In fact, if you a student you might have to ask your parents to help you with money.

But how much money you should ask? OR the first question should be which laptop is best for me as a student?

Most of the laptop is quite costly, i am pretty sure the one you like will be quite costly but what if i say you can reduce the cost of your laptop and get the best which will work for you.

You need to be careful while buying a new laptop because people end up paying extra money for the feature they don’t need. Have a look of top 10 Best Branded laptops in India.

#1 Look out for Discount and Sales

The best way to save money while buying laptops is to look for the discounts and sales by different manufacturers. You can keep records of sales by the companies around festival time like Diwali or Holi.

See at the left panel of amazon, you will find the discount option. But if you are feeling lazy enough then see the laptop which has 10% discout and 25% discounts.

You can get a good deal at this time, even a discount of 10% can help you save few bucks, which is more than sufficient.

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#2 Sort Laptops with Specifications or Configurations

This is one of the best ways to get what you need and save money. Almost all the shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart provides sorting option where you can sort them based on what configuration you need.

#3 Don’t Buy the features you don’t need

Look for the features you want and don’t get fascinated by the features that you don’t need. If you store a lot of Look for the features you want and don’t get fascinated by the features that you don’t need.

If you store a lot of data then go for SSD storage otherwise settle for a lesser version. If you travel a lot than making sure you have a good battery back-up. If you work a lot and want a faster laptop than going for the highest RAM.

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#4 Look for refurbished

How to save money while purchasing a new laptop refurbished laptopsRefurbished laptops help in saving a little amount of money. They cost quite less but you will think that you are compromising on the longevity for a few bucks.

But that is not the case at all, as these laptops are as good as new laptops and have a warranty card with them that ensures you don’t be anxious. Things apart, I will higly recommend you to compare the current price of the product before you purchase a refurbished laptop.

#5 Compare the process before you buy

It seems plausible to buy straight from the manufacturer like Apple, Microsoft or Lenovo. But this cost you extra bucks rather than buying from a reseller.

You can get a great deal at various websites like Amazon or Flipkart amd compare the price. Therefore, while buying a laptop shop around a few stores to know the different prices un the showrooms and then select the one that you find the cheapest.

#6 Look for complete package

There is a lot of accessories with a laptop like Printer, mouse, keyboard or an external hard drive. Therefore it is better you buy all these separately as you will save a lot of money while bargaining with the seller.

As all these things together can be at a discounted rates and you will save a lot of money and will be able to buy all the things you need at once.

However, getting a laptop in a package is a rare but still if you find keenly observe if you are not getting some updated product in the package.

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