Save battery on iPhone

11 Ways to save your iPhone battery: –


Every device in tech world which is new works to its best. But the thing comes after using it for days or months. This happens with iPhone.

The new iPhone looks like a piece of exotic object. Every thing is shining, the speed of ios is remarkable. But after few months things are not the same.

You will start to see the degrade in the performance of the iPhone. The battery charge starts to drain fastly, iOS will have bug issues.

Here I will show you how to save your iPhone battery.

The iPhone uses lithium battery which starts to degrade after 400 charge cycles. This is one of the reasons your battery performance degrades after a year.

These tips are to save battery on any apple products like iPhone 6s, 5s, 6.

Save and improve your iPhone battery life: –

1. Adjust your Screen brightness: –

The new iPhone 7, old 6s plus have 401 ppi and the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s has 326 ppi at different resolutions. This amount of ppi requires more battery charge to maintain the brightness.

Outdoor: – When you are outset the Auto brightness. This makes your iPhone screen visible at varying light conditions.

To set Auto brightness on

  •  go to Settings > Display & Brightness and set Auto-Brightness to On.

Indoor: – When you are in a closed area adjust just the brightness according to your requirement. In a closed area, there are fewer chances for change in light conditions.

To adjust your brightness

  •  swipe up from the bottom of any screen to open Control Centre and drag the Brightness slider to the left
  • Goto settings and Tap Display & Brightness > Moving the slider as needed.

Here is a video to Lower Your iPhone Screen Brightness Below the Minimum Level Set By Apple. Do not forget to try this iPhone trick.

2. Choosing a way to access data: –

Wi-fi connection and Mobile network

Did you know that wifi uses less battery charge than the mobile network?

When you use the LTE technology i.e 4g network the battery drains fast.

Always do not turn on the wifi or the mobile network. Try to turn off these things whenever you don’t want to use internet connection.

Wifi eats less battery charge compared to cellular data

The wifi connection is always a better way than the mobile network as it is faster and efficient than the mobile network.

How to Turn on or off the wifi: –

  • Swipe up to open Control Centre, tap the Wi-Fi icon and log in to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi to access a Wi-Fi network.

How to Turn off cellular data: –

  • Tap Settings> Cellular > slide Enable LTE to Off.

3. Let’s break a myth: –

iPhone users often quit the apps which they are not using. They think that quitting the apps will save their battery life.

This won’t really bother the battery. But when you the iPhone user quit the app it will be removed from the RAM. when you open it again the iPhone has to load it back into memory.

This brings stress to your battery which leads to losing charge faster.

So try not to quit the apps which you often use.

The background apps drain your battery only when you set them to Background App Refresh. If you turn this off then the apps won’t drain the battery.

4. Turn off Locations for Apps: –

Apps which run in the background use your iPhone to know your location and connect you to the internet.

Apps like Facebook will track your location to provide you better service and profit more from it. Like Facebook, there are many inbuilt apps and third-party apps running in the background.

How to turn off Location and services: –

  • Turn off locations services for a particular app in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
Turn off locations to save charge on iPhone
Few apps Track you using your iPhone location

What happens when apps run in the background?

  • The apps try to provide you better service.
  • Your battery tends to lose charge quickly.

Most of the iPhone users don’t need these apps to run in the background.

Avoid it Right before you install

You can deny the permissions of the apps to access your iPhone camera, location or any other things.

When you install the app right before it opens, it asks you permission for the access of iPhone GPS, camera, Photos or all together.

5. Enable Low Power Mode: –

This option is handy to save your charge on iPhone battery. Low power mode is introduced in iOS 9.

The low power mode will stop all non-essential features of your Apple iPhone. By enabling this mode you will get an extra 3 hours of battery charge.

How to enable Low power mode: –

  • Tap Settings Battery Move the Low Power Mode slider to on.
Low power mode saves your iPhone battery charge for a while
Turn on low power mode to get more battery backup

6. Turn off apps which Run in background: –

The apps like maps, mail, music use the battery charge more in the background. Now you have to identify the apps which are using your battery in the background.

How to Find apps running in the background?
  • To view the apps using up your charge go to Settings > Battery 

Here you will find all apps using the battery in percentage.

Look for apps eats your iPhone charge

How to disable app to run in the background?

  • Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and set the switch to Off.

7. Don’t Plug your iPhone to inactive device: –

We often transfer the data on iPhone to iTunes. For sure you need to connect the iPhone to your pc or Mac. Most people forget to unplug the iPhone after they complete to transfer their data.

If the iPhone is connected to your pc or Mac which is turned off or in sleep mode the iPhone battery starts to discharge.

Make sure you unplug the iPhone from the pc or Mac which is in the inactive state.

8. Turn off personal hotspot: –

If you have more mobile data on your mobile plan your friends force to turn on the personal hotspot.

Did you know that personal hot spot is one of the main reason your battery drains?

Once you try to observe when you turn on the personal hotspot. The battery discharges super fast.

How to turn off Personal hotspot: –

 Tap Settings > Tap Personal Hotspot > Move the slider to off.

9. Stop gaming: –

The gaming experience on iPhone is the best.

 The best games on iPhone are the world of goo hd,  super quick hook,  vvvvvv or common games like candy crush, color switch  fries up your iPhone.
The battery discharges at a higher rate when you play. Try not to play when your iPhone is low on charge.

10. Turn off Push notifications: –

There are many apps which always keep our iPhone screen on. Your friends send you tons of messages using messaging apps like Messenger, whats app.

The new apps like BBC, INC also keeps you updated with the latest news by pushing notifications to you.

These apps will always wake your iPhone screen. It is better to turn off push notifications when your iPhone runs on a low charge.


How to turn off the Push notifications: –

  •  Settings > Notifications. Tap App and set Allow Notifications to Off.

11. Update your iOS when available: –

Always update your iPhone to the latest iOS if it is available to your device. The updates for iOS will solve the small problems you face with your device.

How to update to latest iOS: –

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. 

After this, your iPhone will look for the latest updates, if any updates found it will ask you to update. 

Conclusion: –

There are many reasons to drain your battery fast. The personal hotspots, gaming and internet connection are the main reasons for fast discharge of your battery.