How to play pokemon On Go on computer/desktop ?


What is Pokemon On Go ?

Pokemon On Go is one of the latest game which gone viral after it’s release on 6th of July 2016. The game is developed following the concept of Augmented reality and GPS location mapping. In Just a week it got millions of downloads and became the trend as its the first game on AR and GPS combined (location-based augmented reality game is being played) by millions of people all across America.



Pokemon On Go is available For iOS and Android.

Pokemon Go On has become the trend on Google and the social media like twitter and facebook.

This game is not yet launched in India, but the hacks and tracks have made it possible. That means you can play Pokemon ON GO in India without waiting for the launch.


How to play this game on PC/Laptop ?

Yes, you are right if you thinking to use android emulator for it, But using just android emulator doesn’t work. This simple hack saves your walking effort . In other words, you don’t have to walk anymore to get the  hatched eggs quicker.

This guy Travis D have made a detailed video for “How to install Pokemon On Go ?” in laptop.

This method to play Pokemon On Goon your PC may take time of 20 minutes. Also let me warn you that this way of playing Pokemon On Go will kill interest in you to play this game.

Apart from this , you can attach your phone with fans, Wheels, turnables and hack the game to save the effort of walking . So you can be the legend among your friends by using a simple hack .

Download : Bluestacks

Download: Pokemon On Go APK MIRROR


Playing this game is against the term of Pokemon On Go , hence play the game on your interest and  own risk.


Help and teach your friends about this scams. This is not the first link which offers like this but there are many .If they still don’t agree let them experience . 😀

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  1. Pokemon Go Online Hack has been tried on several Android and
    iOS gadgets and it worked consummate each time!

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