Why are most of the people in the software industry unhappy with their lives ?

software engineers are sad
  • He wants to write code. But is assigned to bug fixing.

  • His cousins think he is a Scientist. In the reality, his work is often clerical.

  • He floats to the office. After 2 hours trek through traffic.

  • His relatives think he sits in a fancy cabin. A small cubicle is a reality.

  • He has an Engineering degree. Now stuck in a WHILE loop.

  • His best friend works on Big Data. He is struggling with Core Java.

  • His childhood friend lives at Riverfront, Florida, USA. He lives near Silkboard Junction, Next to XYZ Bakery.

  • He appears for interviews. To find his stagnant market value.

  • He pays 30% surcharge on house rent. Because landlord suspects he earns a lot.

  • His mother asks him over the phone if he had dinner. He says Yes. And then boils Maggi.

  • When his neighbour’s kid calls him Uncle. He goes deaf.

  • He hides his office badge. When hailing an auto – to avoid software engineer tax.

He is an Engineer. He will find a way~ Src Quora

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