Leaked pictures of Upcoming NOKIA android device

Upcoming NOKIA android smartphone rumored

Nokia has been the reputed brand of all the time. Thousand of thousand of customers are expecting for the phone by NOKIA but the filming that NOKIA will come back to the market. As NOKIA officials have told that the next android smartphone will be released the starting of the year 2017. Here is the list of pics we got from the manufacturer, we got just the back panel which is Balck and Silver colored. SO, if you are more interested in the front part of the upcoming device, then you have to wait some more time.


Picture Nokia Back Panel, Variant Black

Nokia Back Panel, Variant Silver


Nokia Back Panel, Variant Silver, Side View

Nokia upcoming android device pics leaked

Nokia Back Panel, Variant Silver, Inner View

Nokia upcoming android device pics leaked


Many rumors have come for the front module of the New Nokia android device, But it is just rumor and not yet confirmed.

Upcoming NOKIA android smartphone rumored

Upcoming NOKIA android smartphone rumored


These pictures specify that NOKIA has planned to get the customers back to their business. Nokia may release a great smartphone as they have been reliable to the technology enthusiasts and the user value.


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