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Howdy techie, fb

The social media have become an essential part of our life and even a kids have started maintaining it . But what is the difference when all are using the same social media. Well so we will have a look few of most used commands/shortcuts which will make you an advanced user. Let’s see the time saving/smart User commands and their usage.


#1 Write a message

Use the key : ALT+M in windows after opening facebook in a browser.

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+M
  • Windows: Alt+M


#2 Access home page : Now no need to go through a home button and save time by using this .

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+1
  • Windows: Alt+1


#3 See the profile page by the shortcut below

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+2
  • Windows: Alt+2


#4 Messages , Check all your messages

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+4
  • Windows: Alt+4


#5 Check notifications

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+5
  • Windows: Alt+5


#6 Account Settings

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+6
  • Windows: Alt+6


#7 Privacy Setting

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+7
  • Windows: Alt+7


#8 Official facebook

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+8
  • Windows: Alt+8


#9 Service Agreement

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+9
  • Windows: Alt+9


#10 Help Center

  • Mac:  CTRL+Alt+0
  • Windows: Alt+0




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