Jio Barcode download

download jio barcode

Jio Barcode download

How to jio barcode download for free?

 This can be solved by downloading this MyJio app.  This question is answered for everyone who has a query like “How to get a jio sim” or ” jio barcode download to get a jio sim for free“.

in this post, I will discuss how you can get a jio sim for free.  You will also learn to download and get yourself in  the world of Reliance Jio 4G.  

Before getting into the main topics I would like to introduce you about Jio. Reliance Jio is a part of RIL, which is Reliance Industries Limited.  Reliance Jio was founded in the year 2007 and has mainly two features one was telecom service and another was Broadband Internet Service.

Till April 2016   Reliance jio was crawling slowly and slowly into the market of telecom and no one had any issue.  In August 2016 there was a big hike in the rate of the customers  joining jio and people Porting their mobile number to Reliance jio.  The reason was simple, the reliance jio was providing Jio SIM card just by download jio barcode. It was all for free, Not even a single rupee. 

I have heard that people are bribing[I’ll call bribing] shopkeepers to get a jio sim. But, I am not considering that because illegal is illegal. Now, lets see


How to jio barcode download?

 you have to have few things in your mobile phone to generate a judo code and download jio barcode.  The first one is with you app old version which you can download from the link mentioned below.  you have to install the myJio  can follow the steps from here to generate a barcode and download them.  it is necessary to have it to get a Jio sim.

How to Jio barcode download with the help of Aadhar card number?

you don’t need Aadhar card number at the time of generating a jio sim barcode.  but once you generate your barcode and visit the Reliance Digital Store then you must have your Aadhaar card with you.  

They verify the proof of Identity by taking your fingerprint on the fingerprint sensor.  the fingerprint sensor is correct then you will be able to get you the same by the help of download Jio barcode.

What are things I will get when i purchase a reliance jio sim?

You Will get a SIM card,  when you install all the apps will be able to access all the premium apps for free.  Reliance uses that it have more than 6000 movies on its  mobile app and all of them are legal and free.

Reliance you will be free till  December 31st.  there are no more so that the Reliance jio validity will be extended  till March 2017 when there is no official news about it.

What are some solved common problems  Reliance jio users are facing ?

there are few  problems faced by the Reliance user in different places.  The problems are listed below with this solution

  • not getting network in my reliance jio
  • not getting fast Internet in my reliance jio
  • Reliance us working fast till 4GB t hen becoming slow.
  • How to use Reliance jio SIM in Windows and Microsoft Lumia devices.

There were these problems in common faced by the Reliance jio users.   You may have to face this issue because 85 % if the people have faced alrad or maybe you will face in future. Bookmark this page to get any solution about the Reliance jio sim.  we’re here to help you in any case.


In case you are not getting network and you are village network then try to move into the city. Be sure that your jio sim is activated and verivied.  Sometimes a problem is that the Reliance jio network is not available at all the places.  or Maybe the Jio SIM card is not getting activated due to high traffic to the new Reliance Jio users.

hope this article help “Jio Barcode download” and your query “how to get a jio sim for free?”


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