Top 10 Best iPhone photography apps

Top 7 iPhone photography apps

The iPhone is the best smartphone when it comes to photography. It has an impressive set of lens. These lenses are capable capturing images at a very high resolution.

We need to be thankful for Steve jobs for introducing iPhone on 29th JUNE 2017. The Apple engineers are also doing their best to keep the good quality of iPhone camera.

The ability of the iPhone camera extended using few iPhone photography apps.

Here I will list few ios apps to increase your ability to take the perfect shots.

Fact:- According to an article in Bussiness insider, worldwide there are 1.2 trillion digital photos taken alone in 2017. Out of 1.2 trillion photos, 85% of them are taken using smartphones.

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Why you want Apps for iPhone photography?

  • More collection of filters are available.
  • Editing options are more.
  • The camera works more efficiently
  • Easy to share photos on social media.

There are many numbers of photo editing apps on app store. Now I will shortlist those apps and give you the best apps for your iPhone photography.



VSCO is an art and technology company founded in 2011, VSCO is based in Oakland, CA, and is the parent company to Denver-based printing outpost, Artifact uprising.

They have a wide range of features like white balance lock, separate focus, and an option to adjust your shutter speed to take a perfect shot.

This app is the high rated iPhone camera app. It has many other cool features available in this app via an In-app purchase. It is free to download and use few of its features. But if you want more features then you have to buy.

There many cool features in VSCO In-app purchase, try to buy them and get extra fun. VSCO is available for both ios and Android phones.

2. Muse cam

Using Muse cam you can Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image, including ISO, EV, focus & white balance. It has manual camera controls.

The depth of field tool is the coolest feature in this app. You can intensify the blur and focus on the subject to shoot a pro pic.

It can many common features like crop, tilt, straightening, and other simple manipulation features.

Back in the day control of tone and color to the image was possible with desktop software only. But with this muse cam app, you can color your image according to your taste. You can download this app here.

Tip: Now Tag your images with #MuseCam to be featured by muse cam editorial team on social media.

3. Snap Seed

This is another In-app purchase app. The snap seed tool provides you more than basic gestures, colors, filters etc. They provide you everything to edit your images quickly. Snapseed is Purchased by Google in 2012.

Lens Blur and HDR Scape are the lens filters provided by Snap seed. Healing and vignette are the two cool tools.  The different kind of brushes for exposure, temperature, and saturation makes your image look good.

This is available on app store.

4. Adobe photoshop fix

You need to have an Adobe ID in order to use this Adobe photoshop fix. If you don’t have one then try to create a new id.

The photos which are edited in this app can also be viewed on other phones with same adobe id. You can liquify, heal, lighten, color and adjust your images to perfection.

They provide you good tutorials to make use of their tool efficiently. Adobe photoshop fix has a forum to discuss these things.

This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

5. Obscura

Obscura is an independent app made by Ben Rice McCarthy.

These are the few features of this app: –

  • Manual ISO controls to easily set the camera sensitivity.
  • Manual shutter speed controls to easily set the duration of the image capture.
  • White balance controls with presets for daylight, cloud, tungsten and fluorescent light.
  • Spirit level to help you get level perfectly horizons.
  • Rule of Thirds and Square Grids, because you can’t beat classic compositions.

There are a total of 28 filters to make really good images. You can directly share your images on social media using this app. The app highlights sharp areas to help when focusing the subject.


6. Prisma

Prisma app was released on 11th June 2016. This is the favorite app of both android and apple users. Artificial intelligence in this app helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.

Your images are transformed into work style of Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan.


7. Pics art

The pics art is the photo editing app which is been in the app store for a long time. It is also available on play store. Pics art app is suitable for iPhone camera. You can bring out your creative ideas using this app.

Pics art Filters and simple editing options make cool changes to your images.


Conclusion: –

These apps can make your images look cool. I have picked these 7 photography apps out of many other apps on app store. VSCO is the coolest among all these apps. It provides many numbers of filters, and options to edit your iPhone images.