Is it necessary to do Computer Science Engineering with a laptop?

is it necessary to have a laptop as a cs student Time

Engineering is an easy field if you have practical knowledge or seek to have practical knowledge. Days are gone where everything was tough and students were noting down each and every point on a book to revise later. Today kids are smart, they take screenshots.

Probably not the best idea to learn something but anyway! 

Facebook, WhatsApp, and other distractions have become an important part of students life. More than 95% students own a mobile but the percentage of students who own a laptop os less than 65%.

Computer Science Engineering is a course where you have to go through many series of examinations and assignments over the course of four years. If you do not have a laptop getting practical information becomes challenging.

you have to go to the Computer Laboratory or library to finish the execution of programs tough. This way can be quite hectic as you don’t have the flexibility to work as per your convenience.

Here I am giving 5 strong reasons you should consider to have a laptop while doing engineering.


You will be given projects during the vacation period when the college is closed for the students. Therefore, at that point of time you do not have access to the computer lab and thus can be hard for you. You can work on your friends laptop but if you live away from their hometown, then it can also be troublesome.

Therefore, if you wish to work on the projects with your schedule then its better you buy your own at the beginning of the semester so that you don’t have to go through this hassle.


Is it necessary to have a laptop as a computer science student LEARN BY DOINGCoding is one integral part in the life of a CS student. You have to learn coding while you are studying and thus there is no better to do that if you don’t have a laptop of your own. You will make mistakes and will learn from them and meanwhile can create new unique programs at home.

3. EXPERIMENTEXPERIMENT is it necessary to have a laptop as a cs student

If you have your own laptop then you have plenty of time and flexibility while completing your projects. Therefore, you don’t have to just take one path. You can explore around your topic and may be you will find something different.


EXPERIMENT is it necessary to have a laptop as a cs student TimeWhen you are using your own laptop then you have the flexibility to use it according to your own time management. You don’t have to stay back after your classes and complete your projects.

You don’t have to worry about your data and thus can save it on your laptop for as long as you desire. A computer science student is expected to have a computer and thus they don’t really care if you don’t have one.


EXPERIMENT is it necessary to have a laptop as a cs student TimeHaving a laptop increases your capability to execute things in no time. It opens the doors of online courses where you can learn a lot of courses for free.

If you buy your own laptop then invest on the one which has a good processor. A Macbook or a Chrome book would suffice when you are a student if you cannot afford an expensive laptop.

6. Becoming a Developer Becomes Easy

If you are a computer science student and willing to become a developer then you can use frameworks like WordPress. These tools reduces the learning curve and makes the process easier. Once you are familiar with a use case the you can move ahead and do things with core programming or try to replicate the features of wordpress. Doing this reduces the research and design time and allows you to focus only on code and building the functionality and makes you ready for a job.  

7. Own computer, Experiments

When you own a computer, it’s yours. You can do whatever you want. Unlike lab laptops that are restricted for a few hours and can be used for only browsing or for instructed things. Restriction is barrier in learning, especially in computer science when you have web level errors, software errors, hardware level errors. 

Owning a laptop gives you the flexibility you always need to learn, experiments and do much more beyond the college hours. Investment in a good laptop can really contribute to the success. Make sure not to have a laptop that becomes slow for your purpose.  

Conclusion: Why is it necessary to have a computer or a laptop as a computer science student?

This is the basic requirement of a CS student. As the most of the work you will be doing requires a powerful laptop, then only you will enjoy doing the projects. Otherwise, it can be a gruesome task for you. Here is of best laptop for computer science students, published by the digital hacker in collaboration with software professionals. In case you are willing to add another use case, checkout the best laptop list. They have listed laptop specs and list of best laptops for a list of popular use cases in collaboration with software professionals and their in depth research on use case.