How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

2 simple ways to factory reset your iPhone or iPad

iPhone or iPad has only one memory( 32, 64, 128 GB) to store. iPhone is one of the greatest inventions in the history. It has got the best camera which makes your images look professional.

At some point in time, your limited storage will be running out. Now you don’t have space to use your iPhone. You need to backup all the data and delete everything at once. You need to factory reset your iPhone to erase your data at a single shot.

What is a Factory reset?

You can use words hard reset or master reset instead of factory reset. It means the restoration of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory.

All settings, applications, and data added by the user are removed. This term is often referred to your smartphones but then can be also referred to computer, desktops or any other electronic devices. With a one tap, everything will be erased.

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Backup your device before Factory reset: –

This reset will erase your data forever. so, you need to backup your device before this step. Backup the data to iCloud or PC. These are the best places to store your data.

Restore your device to factory settings: –

Here I Will show you 2 different ways to reset your iPhone. But remember to have a backup before you reset. You cannot restore your data once factory reset is done.

# Using iTunes: –

Apple introduced iTunes in 2003. iTunes transfers files from iDevice to pc or vice versa. Now we are going to use iTunes to clean up all your iPhone data.

  • Open the iTunes on your pc or Mac.
  • Connect your device using the cable you got in the box.
  • Your phone starts to charge and a message asks for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer. Enter the passcode and tap trust option on the screen.
  • Now select your device iPhone,iPod or iPad.
  • Click on summary, and then click Restore iPhone or {Device}
  • After this, a message will pop up saying that “ALL OF YOUR MEDIA AND OTHER DATA WILL BE ERASED”. 
  • Click on Restore.
    Restore iPhone
    Using iTunes to restore your iPhone or iPad

    Now iTunes will erase everything on your iPhone and installs the latest iOS version. Your iPhone or iDevice restarts with a screen when you bought it for the first time. I mean it shows you a screen of a new iPhone.

# Use your iDevice itself: –

Do you know that you have a reset option on your iDevice itself?

That will erase everything on your device. As I said before try to back up your device on PC, Mac, iCloud or any other cloud services like google drive.

Note: – If you want to change anything on your iPhone, “Settings” is the only option where you can do things.

  • Tap Settings >General> Reset

Here you will have options to reset all your settings, content and network settings of your iPhone or iDevice.

  • Tap on erase all content and settings.
  • Now a popup will appear to ask you to confirm the action Tap erase Now.

It takes a while to erase all your data on the iPhone. Now your iPhone erases all your data in it. You can start using it as a new phone.

Why do people Restore iPhone to factory settings?

Many run out of storage on their phone as they are photoholic. They will have a backup for sure. Hope so you also have one. They want to clean all the data on their data so that more room will be available to fill in.

You may be purchasing a new phone and want to sell your present phone. Now the no data should be present on your device. These 2 ways are the easy ways to clean all your data at once.

What happens if you reset your iPhone to factory settings?

All your data like reminders, calendars, notes, iOS apps(third party apps), photos, videos, other personal data gets vanished.

You might have a reason to erase everything but that is your data. photos and videos are a form of your memories. Please do have a copy of it somewhere else.

After a long time when you look at these pics or videos you will have a good feel.

Now your device is a newly purchased device.

Conclusion: –

You can use the above 2 methods to reset your iPhone to factory settings. This method works only when you know your passcode.

iTunes and recovery mode can be used to do the same thing without iPhone passcode.